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Kia Motors is a South Korean automobile manufacturing company that is rapidly solidifying a place in the economy to mid-sized American car market. Kia is owned by the number one company Hyundai motors. After finding success in South Korea, Kia Motors America was launched in Georgia, with an assembly plant valued at over one billion USD. The name "Kia" was formed by combining the Korean word "Ki" which means "to come out" and the letter "A" which stands for Asia. The name shows not only the popular American market, but also the European market, who is one of the hottest brands to come out of Asia in the last few years.

Kia was founded in South Korea in 1944 and is the longest standing South Korean automobile company. Although Kia has always focused on small to medium-sized vehicles, in the late 80s Kia began to manufacture motorcycles and trucks. In 1992, Kia took its first crack at the American market by combining forces with the American giant Ford and developing several vehicles to be sold under Mazda in South Korea and other foreign markets. Although Kia had a promising start, the Asian financial crisis forced Kia to declare bankruptcy in 1997. Kia was bought by Hyundai, who won a close bid against Ford and acquired more than half of the company. Currently, Hyundai has sold a significant part of the company and now only holds 40%. Although most Kia vehicles are very lightweight and economy-sized, Kia is the one and only company contracted by the South Korean government to manufacture military vehicles. This being said, Kia, does not waste time on money working on any medium-sized projects, they stick to keeping things light, or keeping things heavy.

The most popular Kia vehicles on the road in the US have risen to success due to their excellent warranties and fuel efficient design. The Kia Forte is the compact model that broke through the American market as Kia's bestselling car. The great gas mileage and light and comfortable build took it straight to the top of consumer reports. The Kia Sorento, an entry level SUV, has also had excellent reviews and is competing right alongside all other mini SUVs on the road.

Since Kias are fairly inexpensive, do not expect to spend much on Kia car insurance. Kias have an excellent warranty and are very basic, so Kia insurance does not need to be too fancy, only enough to cover your needs. The best Kia auto insurance can be found by shopping around.

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