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Since August 2000, the Kia Rio has replaced the Pride as Kia's main subcompact fare. The first generation 2001 model was available as a four-door sedan or hatchback with a fifth door, the Rio RX-V or Cinco. With engine choices limited to a single model per each manufacturing year in the U.S., drivers found themselves selecting from a short range of nonetheless powerful options, ones which made Rios from the first generation line a highly sought after commodity. Kia Rio auto insurance can be expensive, but with cheap online insurance quotes, you can find an option to match your budget now.

Until 2001, all Rio motors were 95 hp 1.5 L DOHC Inline V4 gasoline engines, which changed into similar, slightly larger 105 hp models of the same basic type from 2003-2005. Any Rio from these years had optional four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmissions. Vendors in other markets and countries offered Kia Rios with diesel and petrol engines, and if your version is from the hatchback type, you can expect it to come fully loaded with power steering and tachometer. Minor changes in 2003 included engine tuning, suspension upgrades, reworked brakes and new exterior styles. The earlier Kia Rio may or may not include anti-lock braking systems and side airbags, so Rio car insurance quotes you can compare and contrast are a surefire way to stay safe in an accident.

In 2005, Kia released their second generation Rio on a redesigned chassis platform that was also used for the Hyundai Accent. This model had a powerful 110 hp DOHC four cylinder engine, more safety features, better fuel economy and a marked improvement on interior space and size. The 2006 model year saw Kia offer the sedan in multiple models with various trim and luxury packages available. Since then, improvements have been myriad, from the addition of Turbo Diesel engine packages, specialized suspensions and other goodies like Satellite Radio. Rio car insurance quotes needn't be specifically tailored to your particular model of vehicle, but they ought to reflect whatever options packages you've got.

During the second generation planning, the hatchback Rio was renamed Rio5, and was initially offered only in a 5-door style. These vehicles have maintained their popularity since, and were named one of the 20 least expensive to insure vehicles of 2009. Kia Rio auto insurance plans that protect your little hatchback or sedan from the hazards of the open road, are absolutely essential to your continued enjoyable driving experience. Checking out a few online quotes at is key to getting a better price for insurance without giving up the vital coverage options you need. Visit today and save.

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