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The oldest off-road vehicle in automotive history, the Jeep stands by a long tradition of ruggedness. It's the world's original SUV, with roots going all the way back to World War II. Its rough reputation for handling any terrain is just as true today as when the Allies first rolled it into combat against the Germans. The Jeep has come a long way, but it still represents dependability that's affordable. It's quality you can stand by that's a lot more affordable than most SUVs on the market. Even more important, it's very insurable. Well known in the automotive field, Jeep auto insurance is cheap and easy to get. Full coverage on Jeep insurance doesn't run over your pocketbook. You can get it cheaper than for most SUVs.

While the origin of the Jeep name remains in dispute, many suspect that it came from GP, for government purpose, as the vehicle was originally army issued during World War II. Others suggest that the name came from Eugene the Jeep, a popular war time Popeye character known for his ruggedness. It's an impression that holds true today. The Jeep Wrangler is one of the few remaining 4-wheel-drive vehicles on the market with solid front and rear axles that are known for durability and strength. The 2010 Commander can haul any brigade or pee wee football team, as the seats comfortably fit 7. The 2010 Compass thinks outside the Jeep box. It looks more like a sleek tourist vehicle, but still delivers the solid ruggedness for which the Jeep is known.

The catch with owning any SUV is the insurance, but you'll actually find Jeep car insurance very affordable. Shopping for it is simple, as you only need enter you zip code and model of Jeep to get a price. There are several steps you can take to lower your Jeep insurance policy. Limit the number of drivers under the age of 25. Look for security enhancements that may also lower your cost of Jeep auto insurance. You can also get special Jeep auto insurance if you are a tour guide or leading an expedition, although a car load of second graders doesn't count. There are also companies that specialize only in Jeep insurance. Finding an affordable option isn't difficult.

Live the Jeep legacy with ruggedness you can depend on in the great outdoors. Not only is it the original off road vehicle, but it's also the best. Gas mileage is reasonable without sacrificing performance. Unlike many SUVs, the Jeep is very affordable to insure. You can get Jeep car insurance for a fraction of what you'd pay for other SUVs.

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