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The Hummer vehicle is undoubtedly one of the biggest vehicles that you see on the road. This oversized American-made SUV was originally made under an agreement with the US armed forces. The Humvee, the first of its kind, was built by AM General on the Indiana based assembly plant. The original model was built as a military vehicle and was equipped with radar, gun mounts, and additional military technology. Although AM General had a production plan for a road safe civilian version of the Humvee, this idea did not materialize until the early 1990s, as the Persian Gulf war put them in the limelight. After the Persian Gulf War, AM General first manufactured a civilian version called the Hummer. The American giant General Motors, also known as GM, bought the Hummer brand name shortly thereafter, although the vehicles continued to be manufactured by AM General.

Currently there are only two models being manufactured known as the H2, and H3. Although the H1 original model was discontinued in 2006, it continues to be a highly sought after collector's item, especially the H1 Alpha. It boasts the best fuel mileage and the most potent engine of any of the Hummer models. Upon its release in 1992, it quickly became glamorized by professional athletes and celebrities. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former Hollywood superstar and current Governor of California, owns one of the most extensive Hummer collections out there. Unfortunately, GM declared bankruptcy last year and had no choice but to discontinue the production of the Hummer. Those who still follow the Hummer brand know that as of last year, the Hummer brand was sold to a Chinese company to continue production. Although Hummers are the ultimate beasts of automobiles, their extremely low gas mileage makes them impractical for everyday driving.

If you are one of the few and proud Hummer owners out there, here are a few helpful tips when the time comes to find Hummer auto insurance. First of all, you will be pleased to know that since Hummers are so tough and durable, and less likely to be damaged in case of an accident, that your Hummer car insurance rate should not be too much more than other SUVs. The price of your Hummer insurance is directly related to the number of miles driven on your vehicle, so it is in your best interest to keep your mileage low in order to get the best deal. For a list of different Hummer auto insurance quotes, you can go online and do a simple search to compare prices. The more safety features your Hummer has, the lower your Hummer car insurance will be.

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