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Hummer H3 Auto Insurance

With a 3.5 L inline, 5-cylinder engine that puts out a whopping 220 hp, 2005’s Hummer H3 was the first of the line to be built by General Motors. An electronically controlled full-time four-wheel drive came standard, for motorists who chose either normal or off-road routes to and from work. Additionally, the H3, like Hummer’s previous variant, the H2, had no problem with water up to depths of 2 feet. A 3,000 pound towing capacity meant that the H3 isn’t just for tooling around in the woods or whatever natural environment strikes your fancy, and that it cannot be underestimated as a regular conventional usage utility vehicle.

The automatic version of the H3 can pull even more, with a 4,500 pound tow limit. That’s of course, unless you have the V8 version, which takes on 6,000 pound loads in an easy snap. H3 car insurance quotes don’t need to be dragging you down and behind when you’re already moving so much, and with paying $21,000 for the Hummer itself, you can definitely rest a bit easier driving with policies that don’t overcharge just to provide subpar coverage. You need insurance that will protect you when you don’t know what’s coming. With a package that earned it the second highest ratings possible in both impact crash tests, but the worst rating for rear crash protection, H3 owners love online quotes.

Hummer H3 auto insurance that protects you even if you decide to put your ride to the limit is pretty critical when your limit is so far. Towing capacities aside, the safety features of the H2 are impressive, with electronic stability control, antilock disc brakes on all wheels, tire pressure monitoring and brake regulated traction control. These standard items make you feel much safer when you’re out and about but no matter how secure (or rich) you are, you can’t go around paying out of pocket for every accident that happens to come your way. Online H3 car insurance quotes can make everything from the time of your accident to the last one of your damage payments easy.

Hummer H3 auto insurance that takes care of your truck is a must and when you search for quotes online at, the last thing you’ll find is a confused mess that makes getting a set of policy options a hassle. Although even when you’re driving the smallest member of the SUVs among the Hummer family, a casual hit isn’t likely to do so much damage, there are no guarantees when it comes to accidents, and when it’s time to pay court fees and damages, you won’t want to do it alone.

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