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All About Honda

Honda is one of the most popular brands on the road in America. So popular, even, that the Honda Civic is the number one car stolen in the US every year. Honda is known for making small, consistent, lightweight vehicles that have one of the most comprehensive bumper to bumper warranties on the car manufacturing market. Their standard warranty lasts seven years from the date the vehicle is issued, or 80,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Hondas also are known as some of the longest lasting vehicles and with proper maintenance can easily endure well past 200,000 miles. The Honda civic, the best selling Honda of all time, gets excellent gas mileage (high thirties per gallon on freeway) and also maintains its value for a long time. A well kept Honda Civic three to four years old virtually holds the same value as when it was first purchased. The only problem is, if you buy a Honda, you are going to be so happy with it, you will not even think about selling it, but instead will keep it for its entire life span. All Honda owners hate to part with their vehicles, and if you do search for a used Honda, you will find that prices remain significantly higher than other brand vehicles of similar makes and models. Hondas are simple, well made cars that you can easily find Honda auto insurance for.

Honda was founded in Japan in 1948, and currently manufactures road cars, motorcycles, racing cars, mountain bikes, engines, aircraft, and even robots. Honda has even released the highly successful luxury line, Acura. Honda is the world’s largest engine manufacturer in the world and one of the leading companies for robotic research and development.

Finding Honda auto insurance is fairly simple since Hondas are inexpensive and covered by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. When searching for Honda car insurance, it is best to shop around to get the best quotes before making a decision. Make sure to talk to an agent and to let your potential car insurance company know which discounts you qualify for. There are many discounts available that reward you for a clean driving record, your years of experience as a driver, high grades if you are a student, and if you are a home owner. It may be in your best interest to combine your Honda insurance with your home owner’s insurance in order to save some money. Overall, Hondas are very reliable vehicles that will give you more than your money’s worth. For a list of different Honda auto insurance quotes, just go online and do a simple search to compare prices. The more safety features your Honda has, the lower your Honda car insurance will be.

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