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Honda Civic Auto Insurance

The Honda Civic is “a car for all people, a car for the world,” according to the official Honda website. This car, which has been a mainstay of the Honda lineup since its inception in 1972, is the second-longest running car model name in use by a Japanese manufacturer. Smaller than the Honda Accord, the Civic was at one time the smallest car in the Honda fleet, but over the last forty years it has gained in both size and marketability. It now sits between the Honda Fit and the Accord in terms of space, and is one of the most common import cars seen on American roadways. Originally released in July of 1972 as a two-door coupe, Honda quickly added a three door hatchback version in September of the same year. The Civic now comes in four and five-door models, as well as sport versions.

When it was introduced, the Civic was marketed as a cheap and reliable car for the “everyman”, and much like the British Mini, was able to pack a great deal of value into a small package. The car was designed in such a way as to take advantage of every available inch of space, and was well received by consumers. The car is now in its seventh generation of production, which began in 2000. Over the years, the Civic has both expanded in space and in the amount of available features offered. The car has always had a reputation for fuel-efficiency and safety, making Civic car insurance quotes more affordable than many other cars in its class. Recent versions of the car, such as the Type-R and Si, have become known for both high performance and sportiness.

A standard 2010 Civic comes with a 4-cylinder, 140 horsepower engine with either a manual or automatic transmission. The car weighs a mere 2700 pounds, which, while light, is more than enough to keep it on the road due to its low profile. It was chosen as the 2010 Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) “Top pick for safety.” The Civic’s reliability, safety, and features have made it a best-seller in North America, and as of 2008 was the top selling car in Canada for eleven years running. In June of that same year, it overtook the Ford F-series as the best selling car in the United States, due to rising fuel costs and the significantly cheaper cost of Honda Civic auto insurance.

Civic car insurance quotes, just like the cars themselves, are everywhere. can help buyers sort through the best and the worst, and find the best Honda Civic auto insurance that all of that saved gas money can buy.

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