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The Ferrari label is known worldwide as a major motor car racing and luxury automobile brand. The logo, which was established in Maranello, Italy, is easy to recognize for any car enthusiast: A black horse on a yellow label with the green, white and red colors of the Italian flag. The Ferrari identity has a rich history of racing, and intriguingly the horse image itself was taken from the symbol of a famous Italian air force pilot that was killed in action during the First World War. The founder of Ferrari, the one and only Enzo Ferrari, chose the yellow backing of the logo to represent the color of his birthplace city, Modena, Italy.

Enzo Ferrari fell in love with racing at a young age and developed into a successful race car driver. After serving in the world war and nearly dying after contracting a disease, he recovered and had to start from scratch, as his family was left in shambles after the war. Ferrari's passion and entrepreneurial spirit lead him to start working for smaller car companies and eventually work his way up to a much larger company called Alfa Romeo, for which he grew to the position of Head of the Motor Racing Department. Enzo Ferrari founded Ferrari as a sponsor for up and coming drivers, and ever since 1947, Ferrari has been a major racing brand in worldwide competitions such as Formula One. Although any Ferrari owner today would greatly be saddened if things had gone differently, Ferrari only began production of road cars to keep his brand alive.

Since Ferraris began as racing cars, naturally they are meant to go fast. The first road car invented by Ferrari was the 166 Inter, a very racing-influenced model, followed by the most significant models: the 250 GT Berlinetta, the 365 GTS4, THE F40, 550 Maranello, and the recent ENZO ( All models have the same consistent characteristics: fast, smooth, sleek, well made. Currently the 308 models are known as the most affordable and the most popular among Ferrari owners.

If you own a Ferrari chances are you like to drive fast and you greatly value your vehicle. Expect to pay higher premiums on your Ferrari insurance since it is considered a luxury vehicle, and is considered to be at a higher risk for accidents, robbery, and damage. Your best bet for finding Ferrari car insurance at a reasonable rate is to shop around online as each company differs. Also, having a good anti theft security system and tracking devices will help lower how much you pay on your Ferrari auto insurance.

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