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Dodge is known for a wide range of vehicles including cars, minivans, SUVs and pickup trucks, although the company's trucks were discontinued in 2009. Dodge vehicles are made by the Chrysler Group LLC.

The company began in 1900 as the Dodge Brothers Company in 1900, selling parts and assemblies to the auto industry in Detroit. At that time, there was no need for Dodge car insurance because the company did not begin vehicle manufacturing operations until 1914. Chrysler purchased the brand in 1928. Chrysler has gone through several ownership changes and is currently in partnership with Fiat. It is expected that more Dodge models will be eliminated as the company adapts to the new ownership.

Dodge's Colt was one of the most successful compact American cars, made in partnership with Mitsubishi to compete with AMC's now famous Gremlin. Dodge auto insurance for the Colt was extremely affordable since the little car was cheap to fix. The Dodge Charger was hugely popular during the muscle car era of the seventies, along with the Coronet. These fast and furious cars made Dodge insurance expensive.

In 2006, the famous Charger was reborn under Daimler-Chrysler ownership, but with less popularity than the car enjoyed in the seventies. High gas prices have slowed sales of the sports car. Dodge's most popular vehicles today are the Durango SUV and the Grand Caravan minivan.

Owners will have different challenges when it comes to finding Dodge insurance for their beloved cars. Grand Caravan owners will enjoy the lowest Dodge auto insurance premiums because family vehicles have better crash statistics. For minivans, crashes are less frequent and less severe. In addition, minivans are often cheaper to repair than the average vehicle. Another advantage minivan owners enjoy is the low theft rate.

Durango owners will pay more for Dodge car insurance than Grand Caravan owners. The SUV is a safer vehicle, so crashes cause less severe injuries. However, the Durango is a high-powered vehicle, making it more likely to be in a crash. The vehicle is also more attractive to thieves than a Grand Caravan. It may also be more expensive to repair.

Those speed enthusiasts who own new Chargers face much higher Dodge auto insurance premiums. The Charger is a high-powered, expensive-to-repair vehicle. Crashes involving fast cars like the Charger are more likely to result in severe injuries. A Charger is also more expensive to repair than the average vehicle and more likely to be stolen than most vehicles. This flashy speedster is the 7th most-stolen car in the US.

The best way for Dodge owners to get the best deal on insurance is to get quotes from several insurance companies. Different rate structures may result in better savings.

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