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Dodge Caravan Auto Insurance

In 1983, Chrysler introduced a van that would change the world. Originally marketed as the Dodge Caravan, this car/transport van hybrid took advantage of the “one-box” design featured in delivery trucks and the old VW minibus, and combined it with the features of a smaller car, creating a blend of drivability and storage space. When the Caravan was released to the public in 1984, the Chrysler company was failing, its operations supported mostly by loans from the US government. Fortunately, the company had just begun rolling out its “K-car” line, which featured simplistic designs at a good price, in addition to solid reliability. The first Caravans were produced using the K-car frame and specifications, and are all but K-cars except for the longer body and greater cargo space.

The Dodge Caravan has been sold under multiple names, including the Plymouth Voyager, the Chrysler Town and Country, and more recently the Volkswagen Routan. Combined, these different versions of the Caravan are the 13th best selling automobile on the planet, with over 12 million sold in the last 25 years. Initially, this van came in two models – the short wheel base (SWB) version, known simply as the Caravan, and the long wheel base (LWB) version, called the Grand Caravan. As of 2008, Chrysler stopped producing the Caravan in favor of the more popular Grand Caravan. Over the years, the Caravan has racked up numerous awards for both safety and reliability, and in 2009 captured the award for “most dependable van,” according to J.D. Power and Associates.

Caravans, and Caravan car insurance quotes, are everywhere. This is partly because in addition to featuring ample storage space and sliding doors on both sides, the Dodge Caravan has also been responsible for other innovations in the van market. The fifth generation of the vehicle, for example, includes what is known as “stow and go” seating, which allows the second and third row seats to sink into the floor if more cargo space is needed. The Caravan is a substantial 202 inches in length and weighs in at just over 4,000 pounds. With a fairly low profile, the van is unlikely to tip over, making it one of the safest cars on the road, which is of benefit for anyone looking for reasonable Dodge Caravan auto insurance.

The Caravan continues to be a strong model for Chrysler and is loved by small business owners and families alike. Due to the popularity of the vehicle, Caravan car insurance quotes abound, but sorting through their ins and outs can be tricky. At, we give consumers access to multiple quotes from reputable insurance companies, which helps to make finding the best Dodge Caravan auto insurance as simple as possible.

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