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America and automobiles share an intertwined history dating back to the very first Model-T, made by Henry Ford in 1908. Since then, the car has made American life possible -- allowing for more free time and easier transportation. Just as American as the mass production of the car is capitalism and competition. When a variety of businesses compete for the consumer, the consumer wins. Although Henry Ford (of Ford Motor Company) was the first to mass produce, he was not alone in his love for the car.

On June 6, 1925, Chrysler Corporation was founded by another automobile giant -- Walter Chrysler. Just the year before, Walter Chrysler was called upon to help rescue the embattled Maxwell Motor Company and his first effort was an advanced car for an affordable price, according to a WPC News issue from November 1986. The infamous Mopar (short for MOtor PARts) division of Chrysler has enjoyed a steady following of consumers who swear by Chrysler cars - Dodges, Plymouths, Imperials, Desotos, etc.

Since then, the automobile has been improved upon and companies have adapted to the ever-changing American lifestyle. The digital age has produced cars that can parallel park themselves, tell you exactly where you are and where you need to turn to get to a destination -- and do it in a very pleasant-sounding voice. So what does that mean for someone today? What should one do when he or she is seeking out Chrysler car insurance?

In times like these, everybody is looking to save a buck or two, or at least figure out how they can stretch it. Unfortunately, everyone is required by law to have car insurance. So what is the best way to find Chrysler auto insurance? Here are some tips. First, you need to evaluate your needs. If you're a Jeep owner, you most likely have different needs than someone who drives a '64 Plymouth Valiant. The make and model of your car factor into your Chrysler auto insurance because insurance companies evaluate how much your car would be if repairs are needed (which they inevitably will be).

Also, you should determine how much you drive your car and what kind of insurance you need. If you drive very little, let's say, mostly to and from work and maybe occasionally to the grocery store, you can probably score yourself a policy that is more affordable than others.

Lastly, you should always compare rates. As stated above, when it comes to competition, the consumer wins! There are a vast array of auto insurance companies out there (especially now, thanks to the good ol' Internet) and they are all competing for your business. So shop around!

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