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All About Bentley

Bentley is known for designing beautiful, elegant and high performance cars of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary technologies. If you have even seen or had the privilege to own a Bentley you know that it is one of the most luxurious brands on the planet. The Bentley logo is globally known and respected as a symbol of class, sophistication and prestige. The Bentley logo is the chrome letter “B” set inside a pair of wings. The wings symbolize speed and the early racing achievement of Bentley automobiles, in addition to the early years as a vendor of airplane engines.

Bentley was founded in Great Britain in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley. Like most of the other top brands of luxury vehicles in the world, Bentley began in Europe as an airplane engine manufacturing company during the First World War. During its nearly hundred years of existence, Bentley has been passed to different ownerships such as Rolls Royce and is currently owned by the German automobile giant Volkswagen.

The 3 liter model was the first road car model invented by Bentley. A common preference by consumers for heavier bodies led to the next model, the 4 1/2 liter. The “Bentley Blower,” a version of the 4 1/2 liter model, has developed into one the most iconic models of the 1920s-1930s. Its unique supercharger protruding from below the chrome grille gives it a distinct look that is coveted by millions of classic car owner all over the world. The proceeding models that lead the charge of the ever increasingly popular Bentley brand are as follows: the Mark V, Mark VI, R Series, S Series, T Series, Corniche, Continental, Continental Turbo, Camargue, Mulsanne, the Eight, Brooklands, and Azure. Each of these models has several variations such as Turbo and Sport models.

Bentley motors produce some of the fastest, biggest and most luxurious cars on the planet, each with a six figure price tag. The Bentley owners club is one of the most prestigious and longest standing automobile club in the world. That being said, it is obvious that Bentley car insurance is not going to be cheap. The best way to find a reasonable and highly competitive Bentley auto insurance is to call local agents and get quotes from as many different insurance companies as possible. Considering the high value of your prized Bentley, it is recommended that before looking for Bentley insurance you invest in the best state of the art security systems, GPS tracking systems, and anti theft devices. For a list of different Bentley auto insurance quotes, just go online and do a simple search to compare prices. The more safety features your Bentley has, the lower your Bentley car insurance will be.

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  • Bentley S Series Auto Insurance

    Bentley Motors Limited was created in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley, also known simply as “W.O.” The company originally manufactured engines for British planes during the First World War, including the famous Sopwith Camel. Bentley was an innovator, and was the first to use aluminum pistons in aircraft engines, greatly reducing their weight, and he…

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  • Bentley Azure Auto Insurance

    The Bentley Azure takes its name from a noun and adjective that defines the brilliant blue color of a clear, unclouded sky. And indeed, for anyone who is in a position to purchase or lease this $300,000 plus luxury automobile, the view from the dashboard is a sunny one. The 2010 Azure convertible is also…

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