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Bentley Azure Auto Insurance

The Bentley Azure takes its name from a noun and adjective that defines the brilliant blue color of a clear, unclouded sky. And indeed, for anyone who is in a position to purchase or lease this $300,000 plus luxury automobile, the view from the dashboard is a sunny one. The 2010 Azure convertible is also branded with the storied Bentley letter T, which the manufacturer reserves for a select class of automobile. The first Bentley model to bear the T was the 1996 Coupe, followed by the Arnage model in 2002. First and foremost, T models are about performance. Compared to a regular Azure, the 2010 Azure T model has 11% more power and 14% more torque than the non-T model, thanks to twin-turbo-charged V8 engines that put out 500 units of horse power. Although there are not too many places where a driver can legally envision hitting top Bentley Azure T speed, the 2010 model clocks in at 179 miles per hour.

For Bentley owners, much of the brand appeal comes from the customization options. There are 42 exterior colors to choose from for the 2010 Azure T, along with 25 different types of interior leather and eight varieties of interior wood accenting. The exterior of the car also boasts a pair of features that are unique to the T model: lower front wing air vents in a so-called Le Mans style and 20-inch five-spoke Bright Finish alloy wheels. Another point of Bentley pride for this model is the brake system, featuring what the manufacturer boasts are the largest brake calipers for any non-commercial vehicle on the road today. The overall style of the Azure T harkens back to a pair of specific Bentley models: the 1955 Park Ward S1 Drophead Coupe and the more recent, non-T 1995 Azure.

There are three transmission modes available while driving the Azure T convertible: drive, sport and manual. This flexibility is designed to adapt to specific road circumstances and thus maximize the road impact, in any situation, of the twin V8 engines. The vehicle suspension is equally sophisticated, with drivers able to separately select the settings for the sports gearbox and suspension. As might be expected when dealing with a car of this class, technology is put at the disposal of the driver and passengers in a myriad of unique ways.

The price of Bentley Azure auto insurance is at the very top end of the coverage scale, so it is imperative to look for the best Azure car insurance quotes via Although those who can afford a Bentley Azure may not think to save on Azure car insurance quotes, the right price on Bentley Azure auto insurance will keep those skies blue.

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