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The history of the Acura brand is impressive, if not lengthy. The Acura brand started in 1986, when it was created to showcase luxury cars produced by Honda. The Legend, Integra and Vigor all debuted to strong sales, and Acura paved the way for other Japanese auto manufacturers to create their own luxury line of vehicles, like Toyota did with Lexus and Nissan did with Infiniti. Acura found its market with consumers looking for Honda-style reliability, but with extra flash and power. In the early 1990s, Acura followed the industry-wide trend of giving its cars alphanumeric designations (for example, SE 500) instead of names like Vigor. The Legend was renamed the RL, and the Vigor became the TL, while the Integra name remained until the car was discontinued entirely in 2001. Acura struggled to maintain its market share during the late 1990s, and many in the auto industry blame the renaming. It seems consumers were attached to the individual vehicle names rather than the Acura brand name, a problem the company was trying to correct.

Today, Acura produces luxury sedans like the RL, TL, and TSX, as well as SUVs like the luxury MDX, and the crossover RDX, all of which get high marks from Consumer Reports. Acura continues to adapt to the changing market. This year they provided good news for the environmentalists - the company plans on entering the hybrid market in the near future.

As with insurance for any car, when shopping around for Acura car insurance, you may want to consider a number of factors. It is important to compare things like the cost of premium, coverage level, and the insurance company's reputation for customer service. Because of the Honda company's known reliability, and Acura's high safety ratings, finding Acura auto insurance may be easier than with the average sedan or SUV. If the insurance company adjusts its premiums based on Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) information, you may be able to get a lower cost premium for an Acura insurance policy than with comparable vehicles. However, many insurance companies base the cost of their premiums on the characteristics of the driver, rather than the characteristics of the car, so when obtaining a quote from the company, be sure to find out if having an Acura with high safety ratings can lower your cost. If you are purchasing collision coverage, having a good HLDI ranking can lower the cost of your premium up to 10%.

Today, Acura is known for manufacturing sporty sedans and coupes, most selling for less than $30,000. While Acura has become associated with youth and speed, its high safety rankings may make this car less expensive to insure than comparable luxury cars.

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