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Acura Crossover RDX Auto Insurance

Acura is a division of the Japanese carmaker Honda, and is tasked specifically with producing their high-end luxury vehicles. In 2006, they previewed a concept car known as the RD-X, but its first production model was seen at the New York Auto Show as the RDX, a crossover SUV. The RDX went on sale on August 11, 2006. Seeking to capitalize on a market of young professionals who want the space of a station wagon, the ruggedness of an SUV and the drivability of a car, Acura created the RDX as an entry-level SUV which is smaller than its MDX line. The MDX comes standard with seven-passenger seating, but the RDX is slightly more compact with room for five occupants and a lower profile. This smaller body doesn’t mean a compromise in safety features, however, and RDX car insurance quotes are often cheaper than those for the MDX.The RDX is described as a crossover as it stands in several different places along the typical “car continuum.” It handles in large part like a small to mid-size car, but features one of Honda’s only turbocharged engines, the 2.3 liter straight 4 K23A1, and this gives it more of a sports-car feel. In addition, the RDX offers the storage space of a small station wagon, and also comes with the option to upgrade to four-wheel drive. This means that no matter what use the customers looks for in their vehicles, the RDX is likely up to the task.Acura is known for the high quality of its vehicles in addition to the extensive feature lists offered, and the entry-level RDX is no exception. It offers standard leather seats, a moon roof, and flat-folding rear seats for easy storage. Complaints about the vehicle include that the storage space is relatively small, even for a crossover, and that the turbocharged engine is not light on gas consumption, and also runs far better on premium fuel than on regular, making it a less fuel-conscious choice. Nonetheless, the RDX has received several accolades, including the 2007 “Tech Car of the Year Award” from for its interior technology and interface, and has also received 5-star safety ratings in front and side crash tests, and the highest rollover safety rating of any SUV.All of this safety means that Acura Crossover RDX auto insurance can be found at a good price, but finding the right policy often takes a great deal of work. can help customers find RDX car insurance quotes to match any budget, and with access to packages offered by the best insurance companies in the nation, can find the right Acura Crossover RDX auto insurance for any owner.

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