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Utah drivers not only face the rush hour traffic of Salt Lake City, they do so in mountainous conditions. Utah is also becoming more of a tourist destination every year because of the rising popularity of its ski resorts and spas as well as the Sundance Film Festival.  The added traffic from tourists, combined with the mountainous terrain and heavy snowfall make it very important that all Utah drivers carry adequate car insurance. understands the specific requirements Utah residents need to purchase car insurance online.

Utah Car Insurance Requirements

Keeping in line with its uniqueness, Utah is a no-fault state. This means that if motorists are involved in a collision, each driver’s insurance will cover their medical and repair expenses regardless of who was responsible. No fault policies are meant reduce the frequency of lawsuits that residents are involved in and to help keep insurance premiums at a minimum.  Because Utah is a no fault state, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is required by state law. Personal injury protection helps pay the medical expenses of the insured. It is important to note that if the insured person has adequate health insurance the state of Utah only requires that they have the minimum PIP coverage.

The no-fault policy, however, does have a couple exceptions. If cost of medical expenses exceeds a certain amount or the accident is deemed too severe, the responsible party can be held liable for the damages. For this reason, Utah also requires that its motorists maintain a minimum liability policy as well. The state minimum coverage for Utah is $25,000 in bodily injury liability for a single person, with a maximum of $50,000 for multiple persons plus $15,000 in property damage liability to cover damages to the other person’s vehicle and other property, both public and private, that may need repaired.

Because medical expenses and property damage can easily exceed these prices, the state of Utah strongly recommends that motorist purchase better than minimum liability coverage as well as Comprehensive and Collision coverage to pay for damages when the insured’s costs exceed the other driver’s liability coverage or they are responsible for the accident.

Unfortunately, many people fail to maintain minimum liability insurance on their vehicles.  In fact, a few states don’t even require it at all! Because of this, Uninsured/Underinsured motorist protection is also recommended by the state of Utah. UM protection pays for repairs and medical expenses in the event that the other driver has insufficient coverage or the vehicle is damaged in a hit and run.

It is important to purchase and maintain an insurance policy with enough coverage to pay for all damages that may result from an accident. knows how difficult it can be to find the right policy for your family and that is why has partnered with reputable insurance companies. After entering your Zip code and answering a few questions about your driving history and will find you multiple low cost Utah car insurance quotes so you can choose the policy that fits your needs. It’s fast, it’s easy, and best of all free!

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