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Salt Lake City Car Insurance

Salt Lake City is the largest city in Utah, and with its surrounding metropolitan area it has a population of around 1,115,000 according to the United States census. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, it’s a major attraction for skiers and sightseers, and one of America’s most religious cities. According to the same census data, about 53% of the residents of Salt Lake City and its surrounding metropolitan area are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints.

When looking for Salt Lake City car insurance, it’s helpful to know some of the factors that contribute to insurance premiums in the city and the state at large. For instance, due to the city’s climate, there are quite a few winter-related claims each year; drivers can keep their vehicles and their records safe by equipping their cars for the weather. Snow tires, as an example, can make a car more safe, and some insurers even offer discounts for vehicles in areas like Salt Lake City that are equipped in this way. Auto theft is not a major problem in Salt Lake City, but insurers often offer additional discounts for vehicles that are safely parked at night or equipped with anti theft systems such as car alarms.

State minimums for car insurance in Salt Lake City require coverage of $25,000 per person in an accident, up to a total of $65,000. It’s also necessary to keep property damage liability of $15,000, and personal injury protection of $3,000 (this is noteworthy, as many states only require property damage liability and bodily injury liability). The minimums in the state of Utah are higher than in many other states, and as such, Salt Lake City auto insurance quotes are often higher on average than quotes from other cities and states. However, state minimums are still fairly low when compared to the potential costs of an accident, and drivers in Salt Lake City should always at least consider buying more than the bare legal minimum amounts of coverage.

Every driver in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas should look at as many car insurance quotes as possible, because there are many tangible benefits to collecting quotes as opposed to simply buying car insurance at cost from a local company. Car insurance quotes can be easily compared using online quote comparison tools, and we offer a free, easy way to look up several Salt Lake City car insurance quotes simultaneously by simply entering your zip code. Cost comparison makes it easy to negotiate with insurers, and can help you understand your policy–and get lower premiums for the same amount of car insurance coverage.

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