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South Carolina Car Insurance

With its gorgeous beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, scenic mountain views and mild climate, South Carolina is a popular destination for vacationers. This added tourism means more vehicles on South Carolina roads every tourist season and in turn, the added risk of South Carolina driver being involved in an accident. Therefore, having a quality car insurance policy is an absolute necessity at all times. has made the difficult task of shopping for a cheap car insurance policy as easy as possible for our South Carolina customers. shops our online partners to find the lowest possible car insurance quotes so our customers can choose the policy that fits their needs and their budgets.

South Carolina Car Insurance Requirements

Unlike most other states, South Carolina is one of only a few that does not require that its motorists maintain a minimum amount of liability coverage. Liability coverage covers damages to the other driver’s vehicle and any medical expenses they may incur from an accident in which the insured driver is at fault. While the state of South Carolina doesn’t require liability coverage it is strongly recommended that all motorists maintain a minimum of $15,000 for a single person and $30,000 for multiple persons in bodily injury liability and $10,000 in property damage liability for their vehicle.

It is also strongly recommended that all South Carolina motorists purchase Comprehensive and Collision coverage for their vehicles. In the event that the insured person is responsible for the accident or the other driver’s car insurance policy is insufficient to cover the damages, Comprehensive and Collision insurance will take up the slack, as well as covers repairs to the insured’s vehicle if it damaged wildlife or other acts of nature.

Because liability coverage is not required in South Carolina, the state has made Uninsured Motorist protection mandatory for all South Carolinians. Uninsured Motorist insurance covers damages to the insured’s vehicle and any medical expenses they incur when the other driver is at fault and fails to provide adequate insurance coverage or if the insured’s vehicle is damaged during a hit and run.

The average cost of car insurance premiums for South Carolina motorists dropped 5.8% from $1717 in 2006 to $1622 in 2007; falling even more below the national average of $1896. Car insurance premiums can account for a large chunk of a family’s monthly budget. understands how important it is to save money for our South Carolina customers and that is why has partnered with reputable car insurance companies to find the lowest possible car insurance quotes online quickly and easily. After entering their Zip code and answering a few general questions about their driving history, will search our online partners and come back in a matter of seconds with multiple car insurance quotes for our South Carolina customers to choose from. And everything takes less than five minutes; allowing our customers to move on to other important aspects of their day. Whenever you need car insurance quotes for your family let do the research for you.

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