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Charleston Car Insurance

Located at the southern end of Interstate 26 and just south of the Francis Marion National Forest, Charleston, SC has access to just about everything that a resident could want. With population of just over 111,000, according to, it is no surprise that this city has seen a 15.9% increase in its citizenry since turn of the century. Not only do residents of Charleston make more money on average than residents of the rest of the state, but they are also younger on average as well. Having a younger and more affluent population thriving in your city seems attractive, but it does come with a price as the number of cars on the city’s streets continues to rise sharply. Even a careful motorist can be caught off guard by a new resident of the town, or a tourist just in the area for a visit. Making sure you’ve found the best Charleston car insurance quotes for your vehicle is highly recommended.

Charleston is known as the “holy city” owing to the many church spires that rise above its skyline. The city’s history stretches back to 1670, when it was founded as Charles Towne on the bank of the Ashley River. It was moved ten years later to its present location at Oyster Point, according to By 1690, the town had 1200 residents, making it the fifth-largest in North America. The city chose to officially change its name to Charleston in 1698. Charleston created several cultural institutions over the next century, opening the country’s first theatre in 1736 and the first public museum in American in 1773.

By the mid eighteenth century, Charleston had established itself as a formidable port city, ranking fourth in the colonies, and it was the wealthiest city south of Philadelphia. With the invention of the cotton gin, Charleston was able to convert cotton to its primary export, making many plantation owners very wealthy. Unfortunately, these plantations relied on slave labor, and in 1860 South Carolina became the first state to secede from the Union, beginning the Civil War. The city suffered, but after the dust settled, a new and prosperous Charleston emerged. Today, the port at Charleston is the second largest on the eastern seaboard, and the city was named as a top 25 art destination by AmericanStyle magazine.

In a city abuzz with both industry and art, we can help you track down the perfect Charleston auto insurance quotes for your vehicle. With years of experience in the industry and a handy website, we can get you the Charleston car insurance you need – just log on and let us know your zip code. We’ll help you out.

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