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Iowa Car Insurance

If you combine the fact that Iowa winters can be brutal and one of the most traveled roads in the world, Interstate 80, runs through the center of the state, Iowa roads can offer some of the most hazardous driving conditions in the country. For this reason alone, it is essential that Iowans maintain adequate car insurance in the unfortunate event they are involved in a traffic accident to help cover damages to their vehicle, the other vehicle and any property that may be involved. understands how time consuming searching for low cost car insurance quotes can be and that is why has streamlined the process, making it possible to find low-cost insurance quotes online from reputable companies in less than five minutes.

Iowa Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Because of the risk involved in traveling Iowa’s roads, the state has set minimum liability insurance requirements to cover damages to the other vehicle when the insured person has been found to be at-fault in an accident. The minimum liability coverage for Iowans is 20/40/15 for bodily injury property damage. These numbers represent the lowest amount of coverage in thousands of dollars that all Iowa residents must have for their vehicles.

•    Bodily Injury Liability- Every Iowa motorist must obtain a minimum of $20,000 of coverage for a single person and $40,000 for multiple persons to pay for medical expenses in the event they are injured in an accident where the insured person is found to be at-fault.
•    Property Damage Liability- Property damage liability covers damage to public and private property such as buildings, guardrails and road signs as well as the other person’s vehicle. The minimum amount of coverage in the state of Iowa is $15,000 per incident.

With the increasing costs of medical treatment and vehicle repair, the minimum coverage in the state of Iowa may not be sufficient to pay for all damages that may be sustained. For this reason, Iowa recommends that its residents obtain more liability coverage than is required as well as Comprehensive and Collision coverage to pay for damages to their own vehicle if they are found to be at-fault or their vehicle gets damaged by a natural event or from wildlife.

Though minimum liability coverage is the law, many Iowa motorists as well as drivers from other states fail to maintain sufficient coverage for their vehicles. This is why the state of Iowa highly recommends that its motorists also obtain Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist protection for their vehicles. UM protection covers the insured party in the event that their vehicle is damaged by a person without sufficient coverage or by a hit and run.

From 2006 to 2007, Iowa residents saw a 7.4% drop (from $1496 to $1394) in the average car insurance premiums its residents paid each year. Though Iowa has the third lowest average in the nation, the price each motorist will actually pay varies according to many factors including their driving record, credit history and the type of vehicle they own.’s purpose is finding the lowest possible car insurance quotes online for our customers. That is why searches top rated companies such as Allstate, AIG and for low cost insurance and report back to our customers so they can choose the car insurance policy that suits their needs the best. Whether you need a iowa car insurance quote for a vehicle you’re thinking about purchasing or want a better price for the vehicle you currently own, let do the legwork for you.

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