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Cedar Rapids Car Insurance

Now the second largest city in Iowa, Cedar Rapids has come a long way from its beginnings as a tiny community along the banks of the Cedar River in the 1840s. Originally a settlement of only a few hundred, the city now boasts over 125,000 residents, according to, and the city has seen a 6% increase in population since the turn of the century. Sitting just north of Iowa City and Interstate 80, Cedar Rapids manages to have all of the advantages of a big city, while limiting many of the negative aspects of city life. One thing even this idyllic town can’t escape, however, is traffic. As more suburbs rise up and families come into town, the streets are becoming packed with cars moving both in and out of the city. Making sure to get the best Cedar Rapids auto insurance quotes available is key for all citizens.

The history of the city begins with a small cabin on the east side of the Cedar River inhabited by Osgood Shepherd in 1838. By 1840 the area had been surveyed and the new town created was named Rapids City, but by 1848 the name was changed to Cedar Rapids. One year later, in 1849, the city was incorporated. In 1870, the town had enough influence to reach west across the river and annex the town of Kingston.

The city has long been a patron of both arts and culture, in part due to the Czechoslovakian immigrants who came to the town in the mid-1800s. Two districts in the city, Czech Village and New Bohemia, are named for them and are recognized as art and cultural areas, according to the Cedar Rapids official website. In keeping with its artistic mindset, the city created Greene’s Opera House in 1880 and began to develop its Municipal Island in 1908, which holds many of its historic landmarks and official city buildings. Cedar Rapids is also home to the oldest Mosque in North America. The town also owes much of its growth to private industry and exporting, as the town still has the highest per capita amount of exports in the country. Recently, the town added a wind-power industry to its repertoire.

In town with both an arts and production background, finding the right Cedar Rapids car insurance can sometimes be a challenge. Thankfully, we can be of assistance. With a knowledgeable team of service agents and a website that can provide you with the best Cedar Rapids car insurance quotes in minutes, we’re a great choice to help you get the most for your money. Stop by, tell us your zip code and let us help.

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