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Alaska Car Insurance

If you’ve ever driven across Alaska’s beautiful countryside, with its mountainous terrain and picturesque lakes, you understand why it is called “The Last Frontier”. For the residents of our most northern state, having a vehicle that can handle the rugged terrain is a necessity, and those vehicles are required to have car insurance. is dedicated to helping Alaskans and other residents of the United States find the lowest prices on car insurance quickly and easily. After entering their Zip code and then answering a few questions about the driving history of those in their household, will find multiple cheap car insurance quotes so Alaska residents can choose the car insurance policy that suits them the best.

Like every other state, Alaska requires its residents to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage. While these minimum requirements are higher than almost every other state, Alaska recommends that Alaskans carry more than the minimum requirements to ensure that they are well protected in the unfortunate event they are involved in an auto accident. The minimum liability insurance requirements for the state of Alaska are 50/100/25.

Alaska Minimum Car Insurance Coverage

• Bodily Injury Liability- Alaska residents are required to carry a minimum of $50,000 of bodily injury liability to cover any medical expenses for a single person with a $100,000 cap per accident.
• Property Damage Liability- In the event that there is property damage Alaskans must carry a minimum of $25,000 of property damage liability insurance. Property damage is any damage to road signs, buildings or vehicles that are not your own.

While these are the minimum required coverage amounts, it is recommended that Alaska residents carry more car insurance protection then is required by law. The state of Alaska is not a no-fault state and therefore does not require its citizens to carry Personal Injury protection (PIP), Comp and Collision or uninsured motorists. It does, however, recommend this insurance coverage to help ensure that Alaskans are protected in case they are involved in a hit and run, an accident where the at-fault party does not have sufficient coverage or they are involved in an incident that is ruled no-fault, such as striking a moose. wants Alaskans to get the best deals on Alaska car insurance quotes. has partnered with highly respected insurance companies like Allstate, Progressive and Nationwide so our customers can feel comfortable knowing they will have low-cost insurance from companies they know. Whether you need insurance quotes for a new or used vehicle or for a vehicle you already own, let do the work for you when looking for Alaska Car Insurance.

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