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The 6 Worst Car Hacks Ever

In juxtaposition with our last post (The 7 Best Car Hacks Ever), I present to you the 6 worst car hacks + one I-Just-Can’t-Even.

*Images for numbers 1 through 5 are courtesy of Auto Mechanic Schools, and number 6 + the Just-Can’t-Even are courtesy of Import Tuner.

1. Using a fork to fix your door handle.

What can I say but HA HA HA HA!!!! This makes me laugh. Tee hee hee!!

2. Using a mirror-mirror as your sideview mirror.

In this person’s defense, at least they didn’t just go sans sideview mirror. But, on the flip-side, couldn’t they have picked a cuter color for the mirror and used one of those prettily patterned duct tapes? Overall, pretty awful.

3. Using staples… ever.

Why… just, why?? Do not ever use staples on your car! Ever! And on top of that, on the steering wheel, where your precious hands may get cut up or caught on a staple. No. No. No.

4. Using cardboard to replace your trunk.

This might seem like a good idea if… uh.. well, if.. uh. Yea, I got nothing. This is not a good idea. Oh wait, unless you are hiding someone in your trunk and you want them to be able to breathe. (Phew, glad I could think of something.)

5. Using a foldable chair to replace car seats.

Um, yea… no. Safety hazards galore! And in the case for this jeep, getting ejected out of the vehicle is a very real possibility. Value human lives, people!

6. Using a whole bunch of tape to replace your windshield.

What. Is. This. You can’t even see out of the back of it! Let me state for the record that “hacks” should actually make your life easier, not… like this.

And our I-Just-Can’t-Even Car Hack:

Okay. In a sense, this could be very creative. In another sense, I just… No, I can’t even… Why is there an Rx bottle?! How does this work? What does it look like at night? This made me too curious to be an outright horrible failure, but I still wanted to acknowledge the ghetto-ness of it all.

Have you seen any more terrible car hacks that we left out? Let us know in the Comments below, Tweet it to us or let us know on Facebook!

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