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The 7 Best Car Hacks Ever

I love shortcuts as much as the next labor-saving (read: lazy) person. So, when we stumbled upon this list of 26 car hacks, I was simply delighted. (Insert cheesy gleeful dance here.)

Here are the top 7 car hacks that we gleaned:

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1) Use toothpaste to fix cloudy headlights.

Basically, you can transform your headlights from drab to fab with some minty fresh toothpaste! Whodathunk?! 

2) Use half of a cylindrical polyethylene foam piece (aka half of a pool noodle) to protect your car door from your garage wall.

That’s right, ladies and gents: You can cut up some floaties and line them along your garage wall to protect your car door. This is a great tip for peeps who have very narrow garage space and/or are clumsy. 🙂

3) Use the iParkedHere app so that you know where your car is.

This is perfect for people like me (aka senile)! I usually write a reminder to myself in my Notepad app with the cross streets of where I park and sometimes set a timer to go off 10 minutes before my meter is going to expire… But this app does it all for me (aside from doing the parking for me, ha ha). Super excited to use this! 🙂

4) Use a tennis ball to gauge how much space you have when parking in your garage.

A tennis ball can serve as a gentle but firm reminder to stop in the name of your garage. Suspend a tennis ball from your garage ceiling and have it touch your windshield just enough so you know that you a) have moved your car far enough inside so that its butt is no longer poking out and b) have just enough space in front of your car. Ta dah!

5) Use a plastic cereal box as a vehicular trash can.

Isn’t this such a cute idea?! I frickin’ love this. Personally, I sometimes just tie a plastic bag somewhere in the car as a “trash can,” but this is way neater. The lid ensures smell-containment and it’s secure enough so that a sharp turn won’t spill the contents. Did I mention that I frickin’ love this?

6) Use tinted plastic sheets for extra sun shade.

Sometimes I purposefully avoid driving during the last hour of sunlight because it’s like AUGHHHOMGTHESUNISINMYEYES and my-visor-doesn’t-help-at-all. Lo and behold this fancy little trick: Buy some tinted plastic sheets and put them on that spot between your visor’s protection and your face. (You know which spot I mean; it’s like the windshield equivalent of that itchy spot between your shoulder blades.)

7) Use your head to amplify the reach of your car remote.

I mean use your head, literally. Apparently your head has fluids inside which can be used as a wireless conductor. So, if you put your car remote under your chin, the distance from which you can use your remote increases by a few car lengths. Crazyyyy!

Do you have any favorite car hacks that we left out? Let us know in the Comments below, Tweet it to us or let us know on Facebook!

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