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Save More with California Car Insurance

The laws of California makes car insurance an essential item for everyone in the state, be it a visitor or a permanent resident. Every driver and car owner in California is financially responsible for their actions. This is because according to the state’s insurance laws, the driver should be able to pay for the damages caused or injuring others in case of any accident.

California car insurance requirements

If you wish to drive in this state then you need to have auto insurance in order to cover any damage caused by you. There are two types of such coverage as per the law of the state. Bodily injury liability and the property damage liability coverage are the two types of California auto coverage.

According to California state law, a driver must possess $5,000 as a property damage liability. With this money the damage caused to other vehicle may be repaired. This is the minimum amount maintained by a driver. Therefore, if you own a vehicle more than this amount then you can select a bigger figure to cover it in case of any accident.

For bodily injury indemnity a driver must maintain $15,000/ $30,000 as per the state law. This will cover you in case of any kind of body injury caused to you by any person during an accident. Similarly, if you hit a driver then your policy will cover his bills.

How to save money on such policies

California car insurance can be very expensive. This is because there are more vehicles than people in California. Therefore, getting cheap auto coverage is a bit difficult in this part of the country. Moreover, some people also do not park their vehicles at proper spots. Some are left in the driveways while some are parked on the street itself. This invites harm for your car. The policy providers charge more for this reason.

You can also save money by the method of payment. When you pay the premium directly from a savings account the insurance companies no longer send you a bill. Purchasing car policies over the Internet will also help you to save more.

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