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Volvo V50 Auto Insurance

In 2003, Volvo cars, a Swedish automobile manufacturer that was started in 1927, and whose parent company is Ford Motor Company, introduced the small family-size, five-door station wagon, V50, in 2003. The V50 uses the same platform as the Ford C1 and the same mechanical components as the Mazda3 and European Ford Focus. It is available in two trim lines: 2.4i and T5. In 2008, it received a facelift, in which Volvo revamped its front styling, made minor modifications to the interior, added an option for active xenon headlights, and increased power and torque of the T5 engine, among other upgrades.

In 2010, Volvo made more revisions to the V50, including a redesign of the front end. In 2010, Volvo’s starting price for the V50 is set at $28,700.The interior features “theatre” lighting, a floating center stack and Volvo Intelligent Vehicle Architecture. It seats five passengers (two in the front, three in the back) and features front and all-wheel drive (AWD). Consumers have the option of purchasing a five or six-speed manual, or a five-speed automatic. The 2.4i model has a 2.4L 5 engine with 168 horsepower (hp). The T5 model has a 2.5L 5 turbo-charged engine with 227 hp. The 2.4i model gets approximately 20 miles per gallon (MPG) in the city and 31 mpg highway. The T5 model varies depending on manual or automatic transmission.

Volvos are pioneers in the auto industry introducing the first three-way catalytic converter in 1976, which is now the standard in almost all gasoline-powered vehicles. And, in 1959, a Volvo safety engineer invented the three-point safety belt. In the United States, Volvo dealers are listed by Forbes as the ninth best general car manufacturer, and sixth best for luxury cars.

Driving is a huge responsibility; and even though it is pervasive in our culture, it requires prudence and attentiveness. This everyday task can put lives at risk, so finding a good insurance plan is crucial. Fortunately, Volvos have been lauded for their safety ratings, and the Volvo V50 is no exception. But nevertheless, human error exists and that’s where auto insurance comes in; it closes the gap between safety and error. The many variables of Volvo V50 auto insurance – deductibles, premiums, type of coverage (collision and/or comprehensive coverage, or liability) – should be chosen wisely. When compiling Volvo V50 car insurance quotes remember the cost factor of these variables is dependent on the state you live in, zip code, driving and credit history, and the year/make/model of your vehicle.

Purchasing a Volvo V50 auto insurance policy is just as important as the features and upgrades you chose. You can save time and money on V50 car insurance quotes by requesting an online quote by visiting

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