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Since 1927, the Swedish car manufacturing company, Volvo, has been a standard of excellence in auto manufacturing. Prized for their powerful engines, their streamlined design and their high safety standards, Volvos have been a staple in both the European and American markets. For many decades, Volvos have been synonymous with sedate safety, utilized often by mothers and families. In fact, the Volvo is built to such high safety specifications that in Sweden it is used by the police force as their primary vehicle.

In recent times, however, Volvo is trying to broaden their market to a younger, edgier crowd and to this effect they have designed several sexier, sportier models. One of the most successful recent models is the Volvo S60. While Volvos were well known for their square, boxy design, the S60 breaks away from that motif, featuring a sleeker, rounder, sexier and more curvaceous design.

The Volvo S60 is a four-door compact sedan with front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission. It is also available as a six-speed automatic transmission. The S60 is classified as an entry level luxury car, and is available with many of the more luxurious amenities of its class; power locks and windows, cruise control and a pedestrian detection feature which detects pedestrians in front of the car and automatically brakes for them. The S60 has a four cylinder engine which uses gasoline turbocharged direct injection, making it a more powerful and throaty engine than many of its predecessors. It has a horsepower of 235 and is also very fuel efficient, getting 26 miles to the gallon.

The Volvo S60 handles beautifully and has a smooth suspension giving it the smoothest of smooth rides even at high speeds. Its interior is classic and elegant and the car has garnered rave reviews from manufacturers, critics and personal drivers alike. The Volvo S60 has a starting price tag of $24,400 making it a very affordable car with numerous benefits. For a car in the higher end of luxury for a 4-door vehicle, the price should be very enticing to young and seasoned drivers alike.

Of course, even though this sleek and sexy auto is one of the safest designs on the road, even it is not impenetrable to disaster and a wise owner needs to plan for the unpleasant possibility of accident or theft which is why it so important to purchase Volvo S60 auto insurance. Some S60 car insurance quotes may seem too high and not feature the full coverage that you need, but that is no reason not to purchase Volvo S60 auto insurance. Simply visit this website, for the cheapest S60 car insurance quotes and the fullest coverage.

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