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Subaru Impreza Auto Insurance

If you’re looking to purchase Subaru Impreza auto insurance then look no farther. Whether you are the proud owner of a classic 1992 Subaru WRC model or a fresh-off-the-lot 2010 Subaru, we offer the best Impreza car insurance quotes. Detailed below, owning this car can be a great honor, so insurance for it is quite vital.

In 1992, the World Rally Championships changed their official rules causing Subaru to come up with an alternative to the long standing favorite Subaru Loyale, the answer was the Impreza. The subcompact Impreza was available in both a 4-door sedan and station wagon and came with the standard front-drive option, or all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive option became the standard and front-wheel drive was discontinued. In 1993, the Impreza became available to the public and it included the L or the luxury LS trim body styles. The LS contained antilock braking, while all models had driver-side airbags. At first, the engine had a horizontally opposed 1.8-liter 4-cylinder, pumping out 110 horsepower. The standard on base/L models was a 5-speed manual transmission; however, automatic transmissions were made available for the Impreza to be competitive in the international automotive market. In 1995, Subaru won the World Rally Championship in a 555 WRC Impreza driven by Colin McRae. To commemorate the success of Subaru winning the WRC championship that year, a special edition Subaru Impreza was released in the form of the McRae Series. Subaru took the title for a second year in a row in the 1996 race, then an astonishing third year in a row in the 1997 World Rally Championship. To commemorate this, Subaru released the Impreza Terza; terza meaning three in Italian. Later models include the RB5, the P1, the 22B, and the WR1.

The average price of a used Subaru Impreza can range anywhere from $600 to $4,400 for models up to ten years old, excluding of course the specialty World Rally Series and other limited edition models. A brand new 2010 Subaru Impreza MSRP starts at $17,495, a truly great price for such a legendary vehicle! The 2010 models include the 2.5i, the 2.5i Premium, the 2.5 GT, as well as the WRX, the WRX Limited, and the WRX Premium.

You’ll want to protect your investment once you purchase your Impreza. To be sure you get the best coverage for your prized possession, be sure to visit and search for Subaru Impreza auto insurance quotes. If you want to find the best, most affordable Impreza car insurance quotes for your car then is the best place to search. Boasting fast, easy and free quotes relevant to you based on your zip code and forwarding them straight to your inbox.

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