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Subaru Forester Auto Insurance

The Subaru Forester was introduced to the world at the Tokyo Motor show in 1995, and went on sale in 1997. It is a low-profile, all-wheel drive SUV that was intended to fit into the super-mini crossover market niche. These are vehicles that are smaller than a standard SUV, and share some functionality with a car, such as ease of handling and lighter weight, but also include standard SUV features such as all-wheel drive and a more robust suspension. The Forester was based on Subaru’s Impreza platform and for its first year was only sold in Japan. It was not until 1998 that the United States got its first shipment of this versatile vehicle.

Now in its third generation, the Forester has several unique features to recommend it. First, all Foresters come standard with all-wheel drive, which is an expensive option for many similar vehicles. Subaru’s initial advertising slogan for the vehicle, “SUV tough, Car easy” reflected their dedication to creating an automobile that had the best of both worlds. To that end, the Forester has large, continuous cargo space, a high ground clearance, and is based on a unibody construction, all of which are far more in keeping with an SUV than a car. On the flip side of the coin, however, the Forester weighs in at only 3,000 lbs and stands only 65 inches tall, both of which are substantially smaller statistics than those found in most SUVs. This combination of features allows the Forester to offer many of the conveniences of an SUV, without losing the simple drive-ability and responsiveness of a car.

The current generation of Foresters being produced in the United States come standard with a 170 hp engine, but these can be upgraded to a 2.5 liter 220 hp engine, along with what is known as the 2.5XT trim. Up until 2008, Subaru also offered a 2.5X L.L. Bean edition with enhanced interior features, but slow sales caused it to be removed from the lineup. The Forester won Car and Driver magazine’s “Best Small SUV” award in 2004, 2005 and 2006, and the 2.5XT version of the Forester is used as a mountain rescue vehicle. This emphasis on both quality and safety has led to Forester car insurance quotes that are often less expensive than similarly-equipped crossovers.

Subaru Forester auto insurance that provides all of the coverage you need isn’t always easy to find. Forester car insurance quotes abound, but many include high deductibles or limited amounts of protection. Drop by and let us know just what kind of Subaru Forester auto insurance you’re looking for. By drawing on information from the best insurance websites in the business, we can get you the Forester insurance you need.

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