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Smart BRABUS Cabriolet Auto Insurance

The Smart Car Company was originally a joint venture between Swatch and Daimler-Benz, and sought to produce unique vehicles which were both efficient and functional. In 1998, they introduced the world to the Smart Car which, as of 2010, has spawned over 15 variations. In an attempt to capitalize in the success of the original Smart Fortwo, the company created a supermini and a sports car, but lagging sales forced a scale-back in production and in 2006, the company became simply a subsidiary of Daimler AG. While the automaker had little luck with cars other than its original show-stopper, variations of the Smart Car have proven to be extremely popular. One such variant is the Smart BRABUS Cabriolet. This sporty version of the original has a dual exhaust with center tips, 15″ front and 17″ back wheels, and a sport suspension. It also features a beefed-up engine, though the planned turbocharger never made it to production. It still remains a Smart Car at heart, however, and Smart BRABUS Cabriolet auto insurance is comparable to all other Smart Fortwo models.

The BRABUS has an MSRP of just over $18,000 for the coupe version, and just under $22,000 for the cabriolet, making it excellent value for the money. Not only do the BRABUS cars come with a reputation for safety, as evidenced by high NHTSA and Euro NCAP impact test ratings, but also a long-term dependability. This, combined with their fuel efficiency in the city and their incredible mobility, makes the $22,000 spent on a BRABUS Cabriolet a decision that very few owners regret.

The key to the durability and safety of the Smart Car, in all of its forms, lies in the Tridion steel frame. This rigid, exposed steel frame completely surrounds the edge of the cockpit, and will not deform upon impact. Instead, a hit Smart Car will tend to roll, while still keeping its shape and passengers intact. This exposed frame also allows for the exchanging of body panels easily, which means that a single Smart Car can have many looks over the course of its life. For that reason, many registry agents will list the color of the car as the color of the frame, as that will never change.

Smart BRABUS Cabriolet auto insurance is becoming more popular as the cars gain a firmer foothold in North America. Before deciding on any BRABUS Cabriolet insurance quotes, be sure to stop by We have access to the best BRABUS Cabriolet insurance quotes, and with just a little bit of information about what you’re looking for, we can produce an easy-to-use comparison, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal for your Smart dollars.

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