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Porsche Cayman Auto Insurance

An icon of sleek power and muscular grace, Porsche has been at the top of the car manufacturing business for years. Over the years, the German manufacturer has produced hundreds of different models to cater to an ever growing and every diversifying clientele. In 2006, Porsche unveiled one of their most popular models yet, the two-seater coupe Cayman, also known as the Porsche 987c. Similar to their Boxster model, the Cayman is a mid-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car assembled at factories in both Finland and Germany. However, unlike the Boxster, the Cayman is not a convertible model. The name Cayman is a derivative of the caiman, a reptile resembling an alligator that lives in the Cayman Islands. The name is most likely a reference to the long snout-like nose of the car which strongly resembles the long powerful snout and jaw of its reptilian namesake. On the first day the Cayman was unveiled at car dealerships, Porsche adopted four caimans at a local zoo. Several special edition Cayman classes are the Cayman S Porsche Design Edition 1, a model designed to commemorate the 35th anniversary of Porsche Design, and the Cayman S Sport as a limited edition in 2008 and 2009.

The Cayman’s performance is at the top of the Porsche line. In fact, its performance is so outstanding and so close to the performance of Porsche’s iconic Carrera, it has sparked debate that the Cayman might actually pull sales from its predecessor. This is especially likely considering the Cayman’s recommended price for sale in the United States is between $48,900 and $58,300 which is $12,500 less than the recommended sale price for the base model of the Carrera. The basic Cayman model has 265 horsepower, 7,200 revolutions per minute and goes from 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds. Its maximum speed is 160 miles per hour and its fuel efficiency is 26 miles per US gallon. The Cayman has garnered rave reviews from everyone from Car and Driver to Playboy Magazine.

Of course, with such a sexy and powerful car, an owner needs to be cautious and aware of the possibility of accidents or theft, which is why it is so important to invest in Porsche Cayman auto insurance. There are numerous places to find Cayman car insurance quotes, but an owner wants to make sure that he or she is getting the lowest price and the best quality of service in his Porsche Cayman auto insurance. To find the best and lowest Cayman car insurance quotes, simply visit and find out ways to save on your insurance today. Getting car insurance for a Porsche Cayman has never been easier or more efficient.

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