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Porsche Boxster Auto Insurance

Porsche automobiles have been iconic in movies, television and print for years. Their speed, power and grace are unparalleled. One of the more recent models, and certainly one of the most popular, is the Porsche Boxster. The Boxster is a two-seater convertible style roadster and it was first produced in 1997 at the Porsche facilities in Germany and Finland. There are two generations of Boxsters, the first generation 986 and the second generation 987. The second generation 987 is a more powerful automobile but both generations feature award winning performance. The Boxster derives its name from its horizontally opposed engine in which the pistons face each other, seeming to spar, or box.

The Boxster is very similar to its coupe cousin, the Porsche Cayman with the exception that the Boxster is a convertible model and the Cayman is not. The Boxster features a six-cylinder engine which is completely water cooled. The Boxster’s engine is a mid-engine as opposed to the rear engine design of the Porsche 911. Although this may seem like a small difference to the average drive, Porsche enthusiasts know just how crucial a difference it makes.

Because of the mid-engine design and the lower center of gravity, the Boxster has excellent handling characteristics and an almost perfect distribution of weight. The Boxster is available in a five speed automatic transmission, a five-speed manual transmission or a six-speed manual transmission. The most recent Boxster model goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.7 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 165 miles per hour while boasting a horsepower of 258. The current Porsche Boxster sells from between $47,900 to $57,100. Many analysts have claimed that the introduction of the Boxster model saved the Porsche Company from being purchased. Because of the Boxster’s excellent performance, impeccable design and relatively affordable cost, Porsche’s sales for the model were brisk and consistent. Analysts have not been the only ones to notice the Boxtser’s efficiency and popularity. It has garnered awards from publication such as Car and Driver and Newsweek, being called the Best Roadster in the World and the Best Sports Car of the Decade.

With such a powerful, iconic and beautiful automobile in your possession, it is of absolute necessity to make certain that you have planned for the occurrence of accident or theft. Porsche Boxster auto insurance can be expensive and some owners try to cut corners by not having as much coverage. By comparing different Boxster car insurance quotes, you can easily find the most affordable Porsche Boxster auto insurance with the best coverage. In order to get smart and start saving simply visit and find your lower Boxster car insurance quotes today.

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