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Pontiac Vibe Auto Insurance

The Pontiac Vibe was first released in the North American market in 2003. It was produced in Freemont, California and was actually a joint venture between GM and Toyota, who produced identical versions of the vehicle. The only real difference between the two vehicles was that the Toyota version featured right-hand drive. The prototype of the vehicle was shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in the year 2000, but the first Vibes did not start rolling off of the line until late 2002. For many Americans, their first exposure to the Vibe was a catchy piece of music playing during its promotional commercials, in which the owner/driver of the Vibe pulls up beside another car or van, and the passenger of the other vehicle begins to hear the same catchy “Vibe” song. The Vibe itself did not prove to be as catchy as its song, and while sales were initially brisk, they tapered off quickly toward the end of the decade. There are still some Vibes being driven, but Vibe car insurance quotes are not common, and Pontiac Vibe auto insurance that provides sufficient coverage can be expensive.

The Vibe was intended to fill the gap for a “quasi-SUV” that would appeal to young professionals. This was really a code-word for a station wagon, simply with better features and a more streamlined look. The Vibe was tall for a small SUV, standing at just over 5 feet, and was quite long, coming in at 170 inches. It featured ample cargo space in the rear, and was remodeled several times during its production run, in order to make it more closely resemble other Pontiac vehicles. It had two generations, the first from 2003-2008, and then second from 2009 until its demise in 2010. The Vibe was marketed to the eco-conscious, and featured some of the best fuel efficiency of any GM vehicle, with 26 mpg rating in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. The Vibe also won several awards, from the “Coolest New Car” award by Kelly Blue Book in 2008, to three mentions in Consumer Reports, twice with recommended ratings, and once as one of the best models for $25,000 or less.

Though a failed experiment, the Vibe had a number of features which made it unique, and it is still loved and driven by a segment of the population. For those drivers, finding the right Vibe car insurance quotes can be difficult as the vehicle slowly disappears. At, we seek out the best quotes from all of the major providers, and give our users the ability to see the most affordable Pontiac Vibe auto insurance offers in real-time and in the comfort of their own home.

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