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Pontiac Torrent Auto Insurance

The original Pontiac SUV was the Aztek, which had a square back end and was intended for camping and other outdoor activity. With low sales numbers, however, and a brand in danger of losing its already small market share, Pontiac needed a new SUV to take up their standard. In 2005, the Pontiac Torrent was released. This mid-size crossover was virtually identical to the Chevrolet Equinox, using the same mechanical elements but a slightly different platform known as “Theta.” In a vein similar to the Pontiac Sunfire and Chevrolet Cavalier, the Torrent was given a front and back end different than the Chevrolet version to set it apart from its sister vehicle. 2006 was the best year for this model during its 5 year production run, selling over 43,000 units in the US alone. By 2009, sales figures had dropped to one-quarter of that number, and Pontiac was phased out by GM altogether. While the Torrent is no longer being produced, all warranties on the vehicle are being honored, and some 100,000 are still being driven. For those still operating this SUV, finding the right Torrent car insurance quotes can often be tricky, as more and more models are traded out or up.

The Torrent was designed to be slightly “sportier” than the Equinox, with a firmer suspension and re-tuned electric steering that felt less artificial. The two crossovers did share the same engine, the 185hp 3.5L V6, which was built in China and then combined with a 5-speed Japanese automatic transmission. The Torrent did have one sport version, the GXP, which included 18″ wheels, a 264hp engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission that came with tap-shifting options for those who liked a more direct feeling of control. With a sizable 16 gallon gas tank and an overall length of 188 inches, the Torrent fit very well into the mid-size crossover class, and delivered a blend of performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability. It was also well-rated for crash impacts and rollovers. In 2008, the Torrent was given 5 out of 5 stars for both front and side impact ratings, and 4 out of 5 for rollover safety, making it a very safe and well-manufactured crossover.

For those still driving a Torrent, or considering the purchase of a used model, finding the right Pontiac Torrent auto insurance is important. With the vehicle no longer in production, finding a quote that will support the vehicle in the long term can be difficult. At, we collect the best Torrent car insurance quotes available, and display them in an easy-to-read comparison. This lets owners find the Pontiac Torrent auto insurance that is the perfect match for their mid-size crossover.

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