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Pontiac Sunfire Auto Insurance

After 13 solid years, car manufacturer Pontiac chose to shelve its “Sunbird” line of compact cars and replace them with a new model, the Sunfire, in 1995. This car had the basic platform and styling elements of the Chevrolet Cavalier, and offered very similar options. In many respects, the Sunfire became simply a slightly sportier version of the well-selling Cavalier, something the flagging Pontiac Company desperately needed. The Sunfire was produced for ten years (1995-2005) when it was replaced with the G5. A very limited run of 2006 Sunfires was produced, but most of those were actually created in early 2005. Over its decade-long production run, this car sold almost 70,000 units in Canada and the United States, and while not known for its luxury or stunning feature list, was reliable and easy to fix. Even today, many Sunfires still populate city streets, and Pontiac Sunfire auto insurance quotes are not hard to track down.

Originally, the Sunfire came in three types with two different trim levels. The car was available from the start of its production run as a coupe, sedan, and convertible. The standard or “SE” trim came with a 2.2L, 120hp engine, and was available on all models. The upgraded “GT” trim included a 2.4L, 150hp engine, and was available on the coupe and convertible. This trim package also included more aggressive front styling. In 2000, Pontiac stopped making the convertible altogether, and in 2002 the GT trim was also removed as an option.

This car changed looks slightly twice over the course of its history – in 2000 and then again in 2003, giving it a more rounded back end and more detail along the side panels. These cars were produced both in Lordstown, Ohio as well as Ramos Arizpe, Mexcio until production was discontinued. In terms of safety, the Sunfire had its share of problems. While it was well rated 4 of out 5 stars for frontal impacts, its side crash test ratings were abysmal – often as low as one or no stars in each year of its production run. Although the car ran well and was very maneuverable, it did not fare well in accidents, especially those in which the side of the vehicle was damaged.

Regardless, the Sunfire was a popular model for its price if nothing else, and Sunfire car insurance quotes can be found all over the web. At, we help consumers find the best Pontiac Sunfire auto insurance by collecting the best quotes from the most reliable companies in the nation. Then, we deliver a comparison of Sunfire car insurance quotes directly to prospective or current owners, so they see what options are best for their insurance needs.

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