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Peugeot Vans Auto Insurance

Peugeot offers five different commercial vans – Bipper, Partner Origin, Partner, Expert and Boxer. Peugeot has been producing vehicles since 1889, but it was more than 100 years before the company had its first van come off the assembly line. That first van, the Boxer, was launched in 1994. It was followed by the Expert in 1995 and the Partner in 1996. The 206 Van was launched in 2000. In 2001, the Partner Combi began rolling into showrooms. Revamps then became the order of the day when, in 2002, the Boxer, Partner and Partner Combi were all restyled.

New Peugeot vans range from £ 9,095 for the Bipper to £ 19,550 for the Boxer Window Van. The Bipper’s overall length is 3.86 meters and its load capacity is less than 800 kilograms, but it is able to do plenty. The Partner Origin offers different engine choices: petrol, petrol/LPG/NGV, and diesel bi-fueling, direct or indirect injection. The Partner is available in two body styles, 4.38 meters or 4.63 meters, on a 2.73 wheelbase. The Expert offers an HDi particle filter diesel engine. The Boxer offers three different wheelbases: 3, 3.45 and 4.04 meters, providing customization with four different lengths and three different heights. The Partner has a vehicle weight ranging between 1,960 and 2,185 kilograms. The new Partner also has the option of one or two sliding side doors. With a width of 640 mm and a height of 1100 mm, the doors allow opening onto the cargo space. The Boxer’s weight, in contrast, ranges from 3 to 4 tons.

The miles per gallon category is what sets Peugeot vans apart. The Bipper gets 62.7 MPG. The van has picked up honors as a 2010 “Best Light Van.” Its partner, the Peugeot Expert picked up a similar honor for “Best Compact Van.” The Expert’s engines and range of sizes helped net it the honor.

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