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Peugeot iOn Auto Insurance

With the exploration of new territory and advancement, the first being met with challenge and excitement, it is overcoming the obstacles while on the journey to success so others will follow. Peugeot iOn, the first international manufacturer of zero-emissions, is ready to launch an all-electric instrument of transportation. Peugeot has proven time and time again that quality is where greatness and expectation meet the application of science and mathematics with the strength of the lion.

Peugeot is an important French car, having received a number of European Car of the Year Awards. Having produced in 1969, the 504, a large family car, in 1988 the 405 using diesel engines and in 2002 the 307, a small family car. In 1986, the super-mini was declared “Car of the Decade” by Car Magazine in 1990. Peugeot was a privately owned business, family-operated beginning with bicycles in 1882, Beaulieu, France and winning 10 Tour de France titles during the years 1903 through 1983. The birth of Peugeot’s car in 1891 was only the beginning.

The French Grand Prix in 1912 was won with a Peugeot straight-4 engine. Testing the strength of the lion, Peugeot has also supplied many of the finest engines to Formula One Teams. Several other Peugeot models include the 1980 503 large family car, and in 1996, the 406 went beyond expectations and beyond limits reaching the United Kingdom, while servicing their fleet sales market, many becoming company cars. 1999 brought the 206, a sub-compact car. The Peugeot attracts the eye of the connoisseur.

The promise of 2010 brings with it a new Peugeot that is expected by year’s end. Using an ordinary 220v socket, the Peugeot iOn can be charged. The Peugeot iOn runs on lithium ion batteries and can be recharged in 6 hours. The Peugeot iOn handles well, having the aptitude of a small compact 4-cylinder engine. The recharging is a quick 30 minutes, reaching 80% capacity. The car is a 4-door and has 4 seats, very dependable and trustworthy leveling at 130 km/h (80 miles, nice tool for city driving). It is eco-friendly and is fitted with the finest safety features and is easy to drive.

All Peugeot cars display the patent trademark, the Lion. Retaining the trademark of Peugeot’s lion is as important as looking for the best Peugeot iOn auto insurance. By requesting quotes you could find savings on iOn car insurance online via This site allows you to compare a number of different iOn car insurance quotes in a matter of minutes. The reputation and quality of Peugeot is second to none, so getting Peugeot iOn auto insurance is a must to maintain it safely.

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