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Oldsmobile Recon Auto Insurance

The Oldsmobile brand name existed for over one hundred years and gave the American automobile scene a variety of stylish, innovative and powerful cars. One model that never reached production stages was the Oldsmobile Recon, an all-wheel drive SUV which was released as a concept car in 1999. It was never factory-built because the brand, Oldsmobile, was phased out and shut down a few years later in 2004. Even so, this brand contained some truly unique design features and would have been very popular in the present day. In fact, if this car did exist, a quick Internet search would reveal a wide range of Oldsmobile Recon auto insurance policies.

Seeing as the Recon was a concept car, it only had the one class and even that was never mass-manufactured. The vehicle itself had several features which were not contained in other cars at the time. The back doors were rear-hinged meaning that the full exterior was completely accessible. The driving console also came with an instrument panel which was entirely reconfigurable. Both of these additions were unique to the Recon though they can now be seen in certain cars which were released after Oldsmobile was discontinued. However, if this did not occur and anyone decided to purchase this innovative vehicle, they could search for Recon car insurance quotes online to find the best deal.

As for the specifications of the Recon, not much is known apart from that it consisted of a 3.0 liter V6 engine. Because it never became a production model, none of the standard qualities such as the weight, torque and mileage rating were determined. It also never had a base retail price and the few images that can be found of this car are computer generated. As for how well the car would have done if released, one can only speculate whether it would have sold well or won any awards. The same thing can be done when wondering about Oldsmobile Recon auto insurance as there are currently no plans covering this concept vehicle.

Regardless of the above information, let us say that you do own one of these imaginative automobiles. Searching for insurance for the Recon would be easy thanks to websites such as which can compare the different plans out there and find the one which can save you more money while still providing coverage which is more than ample. You would be able to find the best Recon car insurance quotes available and gain peace of mind, some additional cash and a great safety net just in case something did go wrong. We can only imagine what it would be like driving a Recon though as the Oldsmobile brand is long gone.

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