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Mazda Tribute Auto Insurance

In a bold and uncommon move, Mazda teamed up together with Ford to create a mid-sized crossover called the Tribute. It was built in 1991, offering both front and all-wheel drive, with the intention of replacing the Mazda Navajo and can really be considered the first SUV ever sold by Mazda. In 2007, Mazda made major changes to the model by installing new side mirrors, climate control, radios, and the front bumper. As well, they replaced the brakes with a new updated version. In 2003, 2004, and 2005, the Mazda Tribute was awarded the Consumer Guide’s “Best Buy Award” and received an honorable mention for the “Most Wanted SUV” in 2004 and 2005.

There are 4 different models available for the Mazda Tribute, and depending which one you choose, your Mazda Tribute car insurance quotes will differ. This is because they all offer different features and benefits for the consumer. For example, the iSport, iTouring, and iGrandTouring models pretty much contain the same features. However, the more upscale model – sGrandTouring model, features a bigger engine – 3.0 liter V8, compared to the 2.5 liter on the other models. As well, it offers more torque with an impressive 240 horsepower for 6,550 rpm. The other models have 171 horsepower at 6,000 rpm, which is still high, but significantly lower than the sGrandTouring model. Another feature to be aware of is that the iSport and the iTouring models do not come equipped with a back up camera, which is an important safety feature for many parents.

Other great safety features include 3 point seat belts in all seats and an anti-theft device that protects it from vandalism, theft, or attempted theft. This is a major draw for vehicle owners, especially when it comes to purchasing auto insurance and obtaining Mazda Tribute car insurance quotes. Insurance companies often give discounts if vehicles have an anti-theft device. Obtaining Mazda Tribute auto insurance is simple when you use Here, you can compare Mazda Tribute auto insurance quotes online from the comfort of your home.

The strength and design of this vehicle may also help to lower your insurance rates. Certain safety features can actually help reduce the amount of damage sustained by your vehicle and reduce the severity of injuries that passengers and drivers may suffer. This means that insurance companies will have to pay out less money for bodily injury claims as well as for damage and repairs to the vehicle. In turn, this will help to keep insurance premiums in check, benefiting both the insurance company and the consumer. We all want to protect our valuables and our lives with the best coverage at the lowest price.

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