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Lincoln Navigator Auto Insurance

In August 1997, Lincoln unveiled a new full-size, luxury SUV which they called the Navigator. Making history, this was the 1st SUV that Lincoln created and the 1st all-wheel drive for this company. The Navigator shares many features with its relative, the Ford Expedition; however, it offers more upscale and unique features that were designed to appeal to those with more refined tastes. The Navigator is the largest vehicle built by Lincoln, accommodating 7-8 passengers comfortably and providing immense cargo space.

The Lincoln Navigator has received many awards and accolades since its initial introduction, including 2003’s AAA Auto Guide SUV Award for SUV’s over $30,000; the Vehicle Satisfaction Award and the Highest Overall Satisfaction Award in 2006; and a 5 star safety rating in 2010 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Lincoln Navigator has come a long way since its debut in 1997. Over the years, Lincoln has removed certain features and replaced them with better and safer ones. The focus these days is on passenger safety and Lincoln has answered that call. These safety features help to protect everyone in the vehicle, and they help protect your pocket as well. When you obtain a Lincoln Navigator insurance quote, you will notice that certain features, such as anti-theft devices, can actually reduce your premium. Many insurance companies will offer discounts when you go to purchase Lincoln Navigator auto insurance. Anti-theft devices deter potential thieves and therefore, help to cut down on claims. These savings are passed on to the consumer.

Other features include keyless entry, a tire pressure monitoring system, and side airbags. Roll stability control helps to improve the vehicle’s control on slippery surfaces, such as rain or snow covered roads. This technology can actually detect the possibility of a rollover and notify the driver so that he or she can make crucial adjustments to avoid a disaster.

There are 2 models of Lincoln Navigator available – the Navigator and the Navigator L. The main difference is that the L series offers a considerably more amount of cargo space behind the rear seats. In fact, it offers at last 86.3 cubic feet compared to 54.4 cubic feet in the Navigator. Both models offer 14 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway. The Navigator can actually pull more weight than the L Series – 9,000 compared to 8,700.

As with any vehicle, you want to ensure that you purchase the best Navigator car insurance quotes possible without having to pay too much. If you obtain Lincoln Navigator car insurance quotes online, be sure to check out Here, you will find competitive prices on Lincoln Navigator auto insurance premiums. You can be sure that you will be adequately covered.

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