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Kia Soul Auto Insurance

The Kia Soul is a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) just released in 2010 to North American markets. It is not quite an SUV and not quite a car, filling a niche occupied by few other vehicles such as the now-defunct Pontiac Vibe. The design, featuring Kia’s new “Tiger Nose” grill, was introduced at the Paris auto show in 2008 to critical acclaim, and already a hybrid version of the car, the “Eco-Soul,” is in the works. As well, a sportier version of the car, the “Soul’ster” was released at a 2009 vehicle expo. This model features open-air back seats with a covered front.

This MPV has a unique blocky design, combined with an elongated front end and a grill that many have described as “smiling.” In 2009, it earned a Red Dot Design award, as well as an “Interior of the Year Award” from WardsAuto. It is also projected to retain a great deal of its value for resale, even after three years, placing it ahead of direct competitors such as the Nissan Cube. Kia is also releasing several modified Soul versions, including the above-mentioned eco-friendly model as well as the “Soul BURNER,” the “bad boy” of the line up, with no roof rails, vertical tailpipes and LED day-lights, and the “Soul DIVA,” a color-coordinated car for the fashion and design conscious female.

The Soul has earned a five-star crash safety rating from the Euro NCAP and is a “top safety pick” of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). This means that Kia Soul auto insurance is some of the most reasonable available, as the Soul is an extremely safe vehicle. Even though the car has just recently been released, it has already generated a slew of positive reviews and awards. The Soul features two semi-bucket seats in the front, and a set of folding, movable seats in the rear. Its standard engine is a 4-cylinder inline, which produces anywhere from 120 to 148 hp, depending on the transmission type. Currently, only a five-door hatchback model is in production for release in North American markets, and is produced in the Kia factory in Gwangju, South Korea. The base price for a Soul is approximately $13,000 USD, making it one of the most affordable MPVs on the market.

With Soul car insurance quotes becoming more widely available as the car gains ground in the US market, it can be difficult to determine which policy represents the best deal on Kia Soul auto insurance, combining both coverage and price. can help Kia owners find the ideal Soul car insurance quotes for their budget, by giving users the ability to compare a wide variety of quotes across a range of options.

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