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Jeep Liberty Auto Insurance

The smallest of Jeep’s 4-door SUVs, the Liberty, was Chrysler’s new baby in 2002. These vehicles were designed for off-road stability, with a unibody-on-ladder chassis arrangement that provided a stiffer ride and off-road handling. The model, originally intended as a replacement for the Cherokee, was initially designed to be cheaper and more appropriately tailored with an urbanized appearance. There’s nothing wrong with improving on performance, however, and this philosophy made the Liberty the first Jeep with rack and pinion steering. No matter what model you’re driving around in, improving on its performance can be as simple as looking at a few Liberty car insurance quotes online for some comparison shopping.

Two new Chrysler PowerTech engines, a 150 hp, 2.4 L inline variant with four cylinders and a 210 hp, 3.7 L V6 made the initial Liberty vehicles highly sought after. A common rail Turbo Diesel engine type, the 2.8 L VM Motori, was also available. The Liberty also uses an independent front suspension system and it earned the 2002 North American Truck of the Year award. Liberty vehicles from this time period also came with two transfer-case selection four-wheel drive system options and were also produced in many different commercial and consumer models for use in markets other than Canada or the U.S. If you got your current Jeep Liberty auto insurance for a vehicle like this, you can rest assured that if you didn’t get it online, you’re not getting the best deal possible.

The second generation Jeep Liberty came out bearing the name Dodge Nitro in 2008, complete with a more boxy, of- roader’s style. Not offered with 4 cylinders, the only engine available is an aluminum head 3.7 L V6. Transmission options have been limited to 6-speed manual or 4 speed automatic styles carried over from previous Jeep technology. New standard side airbags are included to help keep you and your passengers a bit safer in case of a collision or roll over, and the Liberty has earned its place among luxury off-road vehicles, with optional rain-sensing wipers, Bluetooth, and built-in navigation systems. Liberty car insurance quotes will keep an eye out for you and all that nice hardware so you can focus on driving.

2009 Liberty vehicles are similar to their predecessors except they have stiffer springs, axle shafts and new anti-roll bars. The only transmission option is the now standard 4-speed automatic. If you don’t have Jeep Liberty auto insurance that recognizes the value of your car and protects it appropriately, you may as well not have insurance at all, so check out to find the best policy. Visiting will help you compare quotes from different, reputable companies to find the most affordable rates.

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