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Jeep Grand Cherokee Auto Insurance

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been on American roads since 1992 and does not look like it will disappear soon. Before this, it was in development for over ten years when American Motors was looking for a successor to the Jeep Classic Cherokee. Since its unveiling in Michigan at the North American International Auto Show, it has been one of the more popular models of mid-sized cars in the US car scene. Even now, despite the rising fuel prices, it has still remained a strong contender in the automobile market and, with the fourth generation due to be released in 2011, it looks to continue this way into the future.

Fortunately, the range of Jeep Grand Cherokee auto insurance is not as varied as the number of classes of this popular model. Being available for almost two decades, one would expect this though and we have seen the creation of three generations since it was first unveiled. The Cherokee ZJ was the first model released and came in several standard and special editions. After this, the WJ line offered a complete redesign of the original and made several improvements such as a better fuel economy. Finally, the WK models were released in 2005 and concentrated on a high level of power and luxury for the car and driver.

While the value of these vehicles is not fixed, comparing prices is similar to finding Grand Cherokee car insurance quotes online. A simple Internet search will reveal that maximum MSRP of these cars is around $45,000. If this too costly, the older models can be purchased for comparatively cheaper. The 2009 WK model of Jeep comes with 357 horsepower 5.7L HEMI V8 engine, which can provide a torque of 389 lb/ft. It also gets 19 MPG on the highway and 13 MPG within the city. In 2009, it won the Polk-Automotive Loyalty Award for the highest customer loyalty in the mid-sized car segment. With the amount of people coming back to this brand, the need for Jeep Grand Cherokee auto insurance is constantly growing.

Of course, taking out coverage for your vehicle is a smart choice and those who own a Grand Cherokee should have a look at the range of policies out there. To save some money on premiums and the like, simply hop online and compare Grand Cherokee car insurance quotes on one of the many websites offering this service. One of the best is, which can supply you with information from a wide range of companies and enable you to make a smarter decision when it comes to covering your car without breaking your bank account. Sites like this help you protect your automobile and find peace of mind.

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