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Jaguar XJ Auto Insurance

The year was 1968. It was the year that gave birth to a remarkable class of British sedans – the Jaguar XJ. The XJ series has come a long way since it was founded by Sir William Lyons. The vehicles are nothing short of an account of automotive history in the making.

The first generation of the Jaguar XJs was available in either a 2.8 liter engine or a 4.2 liter engine. The Jaguar XJ series was also sold by Daimler, whose brand name at the time was Daimler Sovereign. The second generation of Jaguar XJs was launched in 1973. This time the sedan had a 3.4 liter engine. It was around this time that the XJ was available, for the first time, as a coupe. In 1982, several changes were made. These changes included interior modifications and the introduction of computers in the Jaguar XJ. The fourth generation of Jaguar XJs came about in 1988. It came with two engines that were both six cylinders. These engines were 2.9 liter and 3.6 liter engines. The former was only available in Europe. In 1997, the fifth generation of the XJ series was introduced to the public. There were four models. They were all rear wheel drive. By 2004, the sixth generation of Jaguar XJs arrived. This generation of Jaguar XJs is the current model that is being produced today.

Today’s Jaguar XJs are at least a 4.2 liter engine, and in some cases 5 liters. They all have a V8 engine. The 2010 Jaguar XJ can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in less than 8 seconds. It weighs in at 5,214 lbs and has nearly 300 hp. It gets over 20 miles per gallon on the highway. You can expect to pay for a vehicle of this class between $70,000 and $115,000.

If one is willing to spend this much for a car, then one must clearly be willing enough to invest in the right insurance. Finding Jaguar XJ auto insurance shouldn’t be a problem. You can easily find your XJ car insurance quotes online. The convenience of going online to look for Jaguar XJ auto insurance is that you save time. You don’t need to call broker after broker to compare XJ car insurance quotes, you can request car insurance quotes from a place like There, we’ll recommend trusted partners based on your location. Through our site you can get accurate quotes based on vehicular information you put in. You also can compare rates more easily than by other means. Buying a Jaguar XJ may cost a small fortune, but finding the proper insurance for your car shouldn’t be a hassle.

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