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Isuzu Ascender Auto Insurance

Japanese auto manufacturers are renowned in the United States for their longevity, reliability and excellent resale value. One of the most trusted Japanese manufacturers is Isuzu, although within the last few years, they have withdrawn their vehicles from the American market. One of the last models that they produced was the larger size SUV, the Ascender. The Ascender is a four-speed automatic transmission and is available with a five passenger capacity or a seven passenger capacity. Production of the Isuzu Ascender went from 2003 to 2008 and resale value for the vehicle, which is no longer manufactured, is high. Current pricing for the most recent model of the Ascender ranges from $15,200 to $17,100. The base models feature very few add-ons, but the highest end of the spectrum boasts power locks and windows, automated seat adjustment, cruise control, sun roof, heated seats and a 6 CD changer.

The Ascender is also available in either a rear-wheel drive model or a four-wheel drive model. It is really in the four-wheel drive that the Ascender shines. Its well balanced frame rides smoothly and comfortably, even when off-road driving and its handling is responsive and evolved. The four-wheel drive Ascender is ideal for family or group trips out of town, especially to areas that may be inaccessible in a sedan. The abundant space and ample seating are perfect for a larger group heading to hiking or camping destinations. The Ascender is also ideal for driving around town, especially if you participate in a car pool or have a larger family. The Ascender is capable of filling a variety of roles in recreation and in work or school. Life and longevity of the SUV are also admirable. With proper maintenance, the Ascender will be a reliable auto well into the higher ranges of its mileage, providing its owner with stability and efficiency.

The fact that this vehicle is no longer being sold in the United States does not raise auto insurance rates one bit. With such a great addition to the family garage, it is of course important to plan for the unpleasant possibility of accident or theft. These are things that are never planned for but are unfortunate factors nonetheless. Many car owners make the mistake of not carrying full coverage on their Isuzu Ascender auto insurance because they don’t want to pay for higher premiums. Full coverage can be affordable and lower Ascender car insurance quotes are available. It’s easy to save money on your Isuzu Ascender auto insurance. Just visit and request Ascender car insurance quotes. You’ll be saving money in no time and be able to put those savings directly towards planning your next family outing in your Ascender!

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