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All About Hyundai Vehicles

Hyundai leads the auto industry when it comes to quality that’s affordable. Every one of their new cars is rigorously tested before it heads to the dealership, so you know you get a car that runs well even if it didn’t take a new mortgage to purchase. The other aspect of affordability comes down to Hyundai car insurance. You can get full coverage on a quality vehicle for cheap if you own a Hyundai. Widely popular, Hyundai vehicles feature competitive insurance rates, so you don’t have to break the bank covering your vehicle.

Hyundai began as early as 1947 as a construction company, but has grown to become the 4th world’s largest automaker. Included in the Big Asian Four along with Toyota, Honda and Nissan, Hyundai has carved itself a solid place in the market by offering dependable quality that’s decently priced. Though it’s a Korean company, over half of the cars sold in the US are made in the US. They host facilities in Alabama, Michigan, and California, providing about 5,000 jobs to American automotive workers, 20,000 positions in Hyundai dealerships and 6,000 workers at various vendors. Hyundai leads the auto market with cost effective and fuel efficient compact cars. The 2010 Accent is their most affordable, with the Hyundai Elantra and Elantra Touring priced just a little above but featuring similar efficient fuel economy. Family sedans include the Sonata and the Azera. The Sonata features bold but not boring style and follows Hyundai’s reputation for fuel efficiency. The Azera car is a luxury car that features top performance in addition to comfort.

Hyundai’s popularity has led to affordable Hyundai car insurance. Many insurance companies offer special discounts for Hyundai vehicles, so it is easy to shop around to get the best price. Their reputation for affordable quality creates ongoing demand for cheap Hyundai auto insurance. Hyundai tests its vehicles in factory conditions that mimic potholes in New York City to the scorching heat of Death Valley. They feature an over 100,000 mile accelerated wear test, ensuring that their vehicles go the distance you expect out of a car. It’s perfectly natural to expect over 100,000 miles of quality out of a new car. Hyundai proves their cars can do so through scientifically-controlled tests.

Finding affordable Hyundai car insurance is easy, thanks to the demand and Hyundai’s reputation for a good vehicle. With Hyundai, you don’t have to break the bank buying a new car or paying for the monthly Hyundai insurance. It doesn’t take much of an investment to purchase a new Hyundai, or Hyundai auto insurance, yet its quality continues to go the distance. Hyundai features quality that’s affordable to purchase and insure.

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