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All About Ford Vehicles

Ford is one of the world’s oldest and largest car manufacturing companies, founded by the one and only Henry Ford in 1903. Ford is one of the few companies in the world over a hundred years old and has remained in the Ford family’s control for its entire lifespan. Another buzz worthy fact about Ford is that it is one of the few automobile companies to survive the great depression in the US. Ford currently operates out of Detroit, Michigan ( North America’s car manufacturing headquarters) and produces and owns the following brands: Lincoln, Mercury, the Swedish giant Volvo, and also contains partial ownership of Aston Marton (United Kingdom), and Mazda (Japan). Up until 2008, Ford had ownership of the Jaguar and Land Rover, but the world wide car crisis forced Ford to sell the two companies to the virtually unknown Tata Motors of India.

Ford was innovate in its car production methods as it was the first company to implement mass production and at the same time mass management over employees as cars were assembled by assembly line workers. The new production became so popular that the term “Fordism” became known to describe the strong work ethic and effective management style of Henry Ford. Based on its volume of car sales, Ford has established itself as the world’s fourth largest production company. Ford has seen huge success all over the world, even holding a strong presence in the European market as the number two seller. Ford vehicles are considered to be all around high quality and high performance as they have received the highest number of all around quality awards than any other car maker. The massive success of Ford has kept it in the top ten Forbes list for any American company.

Ford’s most popular models include hatchbacks, coupes, sedans, trucks and SUVs. Some of the models currently being produced are the F-150 (pickup truck), Crown Victoria, Focus, Galaxy, Taurus, Ranger (SUV), Explorer (SUV), Expedition (SUV), Crown Marquis, and Lincoln Town Car. Just as all the other leading automobile manufacturing companies, Ford is working on Electric and Hybrid vehicles. This year, the all electric commercial van is planned to go into production, which would be the first of its kind.

When looking for Ford insurance it is best to go online and shop around for the coverage that best meets your budget and needs. Ford Motor Company actually endorses several companies for the best service on Ford car insurance. By going online and using a quote calculator you can find the most suitable Ford auto insurance for your needs as a driver.

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