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Fiat 500 C Auto Insurance

A Topolino, or ‘little mouse,’ is a classic car from Fiat whose original model As date back to 1939. Many enthusiasts say that the culmination of the brand was the 1952 model 500C and this Fiat spawned an industry standard for size as the smallest vehicle in the world at the time of its release. Hardly anybody paid attention to its capacity though, as it was notably famous for the fact that drivers would often squeeze up to 4 passengers into the 2-seater frame. A .569 L, four-cylinder, water-cooled side valve engine mounted on the front axle gave the Topolino a good deal of pep at a nice 39.2 miles per gallon. Back in the 1930s, these cars only achieved top speeds of 53 mph but by the time Fiat debuted the 500C, speeds and technologies had increased. 500 C car insurance quotes weren’t as much of a necessity then, but dangers of driving have increased, and even with all the safety features on the 2009/2010 remodel, there’s nothing like a good chunk of money you’ve got to pay out of pocket to ruin your day.

Nowadays the original “little mice” are rare. For the drivers who want to get their hands on something closer, the company has relented, releasing the new 500C in Europe in 2009. At a fair UK £11,700 (US$17,870.00,) the tiny twist on an old favorite is a definite commitment to those who’ve been blessed enough to get them, especially stateside, and one well worth backing up with insurance. This version is cut in a modern streamline that gets a bit of an added boost from a full front to back convertible open top. Seats for four seem to demonstrate that Fiat has finally learned from 50 years of cramped passenger woes, but in a modern age of higher speeds, SUV-wielding maniacs and random, wildly uncoordinated city traffic patterns, protecting your tiny ride from damage with Fiat 500 C auto insurance is critical.

Fiat 500 C auto insurance is a necessity and when you find the perfect personalized policy by perusing pages of providers at your leisure, you’re in for a smooth ride indeed. Finding quick results doesn’t have to be a hassle and if you just go to, getting 500 C car insurance quotes that provide comprehensive coverage isn’t. Looking for policies with local response options, direct repair shop affiliates for an exact return to the original look (or your customized variant,) and regional specific benefits applicable in your state, is as simple as entering your zip code, and Voilà! Your search is practically complete. The Fiat 500 C is highly desired vehicle, and so is insurance for it, so use today.

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