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Ferrari Scuderia Auto Insurance

Given the fact that the base measurement unit of automotive performance is horsepower (HP), what better name for a top-of-the-line sports car than stable of horses? Of course, that designation rolls off the tongue a lot better in Italian than it does in English, which is why Ferrari was wise to apply the name Scuderia in recent years to a pair of pricey models: the Scuderia 430 and the Scuderia 16M convertible. The Scuderia 430 was first unveiled at a German auto show in 2007, while the 16M was officially presented the following year, 2008, at a Formula 1 Championship race.

Since the Scuderia models are all about speed, the most noteworthy element about the 430 is that it is more than 100 pounds lighter than its closest antecedent at Ferrari, the Challenge Stradale, thanks principally to some lightweight body trim materials. Another unit of measurement for this particular vehicle is one that is hard to fathom – the millisecond, or one thousandth of a second. For those driving the 430, gears can be shifted in an astonishing 60 milliseconds, less time literally than the blink of an eye. As expected, a car of this nature can go from zero to 60 in a much shorter amount of time than most vehicles, namely 3.6 seconds flat. The Scuderia 16M is essentially the convertible model equivalent of the 430, though evidently the top-down feature is not designed to be used whenever the car is reaching anywhere near its top-level speed of 196 miles per hour. At just under 3,000 pounds, the Scuderia 16M is, like the 430, an extremely light car for one that packs such a powerful engine punch. The first models of the 16M rolled off the Ferrari hand-assembly lines in 2009, and like previous Ferrari top-speed record holder the Enzo, is a car that is emblematic of the personal wealth of the driver.

Part of what makes the Ferrari brand so special is that only a very limited number of models are produced for each product line. For example, exactly 499 Scuderia 16M convertibles were cranked out in 2009, adding the premium of exclusivity to the already unreachable, for most, level of the price tag.

Unfortunately, Ferrari is not in the Ferrari Scuderia auto insurance business, which is too bad because one can imagine that if Ferrari handled car insurance, it would be another top-of-the-line product. As it stands, a good place to zoom to for Scuderia car insurance quotes is The amount of time it will take you to get from a Ferrari Scuderia auto insurance need to actual Scuderia car insurance quotes will be a matter of just a few seconds.

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