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Dodge Durango Auto Insurance

There is nothing better when driving in the mountains, in snow, mud, rain or on winding trails than to have the sturdy performance of a Dodge Durango. This vehicle is certainly versatile in how it can perform no matter if it is in the city or in the vast country side. No matter what you do in your Dodge Durango, you will want to make sure your Dodge Durango auto insurance has you covered.

When searching for Durango car insurance quotes you will need to know a few important details of this incredible vehicle. The following features are standard on the Dodge Durango: 4,701 cc 4.7 liters, V8 front engine with 93 mm bore, 86.5 mm stroke, 9.3 compression ratio, overhead cam and two valves per cylinder. The Durango has a multi-point injection fuel system and a main fuel tank that holds 95 liters of unleaded fuel. The Dodge Durango boasts 235 horsepower at 4,800 rpm.

The Dodge Durango has undergone a number of changes since the first model came out in 1998. The first Durango only was available in four-wheel drive. The next year a two-wheel drive version was not offered along with two paint colors that had not been available previously. Heated rear view mirrors, leather seats, radio controls on the steering wheel and body color wheel flares are standard on specific models. In 2000, a Magnum V8 4.7 liter engine was the new standard engine size. From 2001 until 2003, the improvements every year added to the comfort and safety of the Dodge Durango. In the 2010 and 2011 models is great news for Dodge Durango fans, the engine has been improved to 4.7 liter, V 8 and has 303 horsepower. This advancement in the engine brings it closer to the 5.7 liter Hemi V8. Simply put – more power. The audio equipment has also been updated with the MyGiG Multimedia Infortainment System and a backup camera.

The backup camera is a great safety tool for the Dodge Durango driver as it will bring the abilities of the driver to maneuver in tight or crowded places so much more exact. This small addition to the Dodge Durango can save considerable dollars by preventing accidents. This will also be a boost to the safety of others. As you begin your search for the Durango car insurance quotes, consider the website for the ease and convenience of finding a number of quotes at one time. You will save time and money. It is the only place you need to visit to locate the lowest prices on your Dodge Durango auto insurance. Get quotes online quickly and start taking the Durango out on the road.

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